Month: July 2019

Using the default internet browser on your machine actually says something about you as a person. But what is it? Find out what it says about you.

What Your Default Internet Browser Says About You

What’s your default internet browser? There are a bunch to choose from, and many people stick with the one that comes with their computers. For Microsoft users, that’s Internet Explorer or Edge, depending on the age of your computer. For Mac users, it’s Safari. But did you know that your default browser says something about …

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Childhood obsessions can develop into careers, lifelong passions, and personality traits, but only if they're encouraged. Learn about the healthy ones here.

Why You Should Encourage Your Child’s Obsessions

When I was a youngster I was obsessed with the Titanic. Not the movie, but the famous steam liner itself. I read articles about it, browsed the internet, and even drew a picture of the ship on a big piece of butcher paper. I was obsessed. My parents encouraged that obsession, and I want to …

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There are no mistakes, only lessons. Here are the top lessons I've learned from "mistakes" in my life—lessons I lean on every day to be a better person.

Top Lessons from Mistakes I’ve Made

It’s a common phrase, isn’t it? Learn from your mistakes. Ideally, people would learn from the mistakes of others. But that’s not always possible. Sometimes we only learn the lesson when we get firsthand experience. And firsthand experience can suck.

Fitness trackers don't do anything for you by themselves. Without this one thing, they're actually pretty useless. Find out what you need to make it work.

Why Fitness Trackers are Mostly Useless

Take a look around you, wherever you are. How many people are wearing fitness trackers on their wrists? Maybe you have one, too. Apple Watches, Fitbits, Jawbones, Garmins… All of these “wearables” are advertised as making us more fit and active. But here’s the reality: they’re all useless without this one thing.