Month: October 2019


Episode 9: What to Eat as a Type 1 Diabetic

Eating low carb is the #2 thing after insulin that saves my life every day, and this episode covers exactly why. Please listen all the way through. As diabetics and as Americans, we’ve been lied to about what it means to eat a healthy diet. I firmly believe low-carb is the best food for diabetics.


What Drives My Financial Goals?

Everybody has an innate “why.” There’s always a reason we do things, even if that reason is stupid. Since leaving college and striking out into the real world, my “why” has been constant. I have specific financial goals. Those, along with the rest of my values, drive me in everything I do.


5 Questions to Ask About Your Friendships

Despite what many of us would like, friendships come and go. It’s rare to keep a friend for an entire lifetime, but when it happens, it’s due to effort on both sides of the relationship. Would you choose your current friends again, if you met them today?