Month: November 2019


Episode 15: Managing Holidays with T1D

November and December seem to derail a lot of healthy efforts among people, specifically when it comes to food. Since there’s a ton of multicultural holidays between Halloween and New Year’s, these two months spell doom for a lot of healthy habits, including for type 1 diabetics.


Episode 13: T1D Bad Habits

This episode is all about T1D bad habits. Every type 1 diabetic has some (if not all) of these bad habits, but there’s a reason they’re bad! Jessie is still on hiatus this week, so it’s just me talking about what all these bad habits look like, and what to do instead.

Insulin and Hormones with Alex Vickers

Episode 12: Insulin & Hormones, with Alex Vickers

Today I’m talking with Alex Vickers, a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator. She works in an endocrine clinic and has a lot of knowledge to share about her experience with type 1 diabetes, especially about insulin and hormones.