Month: February 2020


Episode 27: Join a Diabetes Community

The diabetes community is wherever diabetics gather to talk about diabetes, their gripes, their insights, the cool things they’re doing with their tech, who they’ve met with T1D, and learn more about this disease.


Episode 26: Deep Dive into Diabetes Burnout

Diabetes burnout is a mental state where you just don’t want to deal with it anymore. It looks different for everyone, and everyone manages it differently. I’ve never dealt with the extreme of “not caring” but I have dealt with the little frustrating moments that one could consider “diabetes burnout.”


Episode 25: Type 1 Diabetes in Pop Culture

Today’s episode is about how type 1 diabetes shows up in pop culture and the media. We want to talk about this because sometimes the only exposure someone has to diabetes comes from what they see in movies or on TV, and unfortunately, a lot of those depictions are inaccurate and misleading.