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Remember when you were a teenager, and you thought you were invincible? Being old and creaky felt such a long way off, but in reality, ageing comes at you fast. You don’t wake up one day and think, ‘OK, I’m old now!’, nor do you notice the moments your body changes with age. We believe our bodies will survive all the damage we do in our younger years, and perhaps we don’t invest in ourselves as we should. Yet as early as in your twenties, the busy flow of life can wear you down, and you can feel more tired, and less capable, than you did in your teens. You’ve been told about the inevitable weight gain of being old; you know about the creaky knees and saggy skin. But there are a few more things that nobody told you about getting older. 

1. Acne Isn’t Just for Teens

Yes, you read that correctly. Many people’s skin becomes spotty and aggravated in their teen years as hormones and high school kick in.

Mostly, you’re told you’ll grow out of it, but often, acne sticks around for most of adulthood. Looking after your skin correctly from a young age can help; otherwise, you’ll have to accept it as a fact of life.

Getting older doesn’t mean you’re doomed to bad skin. Establishing a skin care routine when you’re young means that you won’t be working against the damage later.

My mom has been following a skin care regimen since her teens, and she does not look her age!

2. Your Hearing Could Go

In today’s world, everyone listens to music—all the time.

Headphones are getting louder and more ubiquitous; look around on public transportation and you’ll find yourself surrounded by people wearing headphones, blocking out the world.

However, your ears are exceptionally delicate, and before long, you’ll research hearing aid troubleshooting, turning up the TV and shouting “What?” at everyone who talks too quietly.

Keep your volume down and wear ear protection at concerts and club nights. You’ll thank yourself later.

Also, keep in mind that your profession might expose you to hearing loss risks. If you work at an airport, a power plant, construction, or in the military, it’s essential to protect your ears.

My uncle has hearing aids and he still yells “WHAT??” a lot, because he was in the Navy and spent a lot of time on aircraft carriers where the noise did a lot of damage to his hearing.

3. Stretching > Hard Exercise

Exercise is super important, but keeping your joints and ligaments limber is even more so.

The benefits of stretching include increasing blood flow, keeping back pain at a minimum, and aiding stress relief. Exercise like running, while beneficial for your heart and lungs, can harm your joints long term.

Stretching every day, however, has wonderful, long-lasting effects on your health. Ideally, gentle exercise and stretching should both be a part of your routine. 

4. You’ll Never Have it All Figured Out 

When we are young, we assume that we will eventually figure out what we want and how to achieve it.

But the truth is if you ask an honest fifty-year-old if they’ve got it all figured out, the chances are they’ll say no.

Once we let go of the idea that we’ll have it all together, the more we can enjoy life and the complications that come with it. 

5. Say Yes to as Many Things as You Can

This one sounds scary, but it’s worthwhile.

When an opportunity lands in your lap, take it—there’s no telling where it might lead you.

Letting go of fear and making the jump is easier for younger people; do it all while you can. 

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