How We Think About Things Determines How We Experience Them.

Hi. I'm Colleen Mitchell.

Life Coach

I've spent most of my life always striving towards some kind of goal. Most of the time I was great at keeping myself accountable, but just barely. I procrastinated a LOT, ignored appointments I made with myself, and put things off because nobody knew the difference except me.

I had so many goals that I never made much progress on any of them. I couldn't stick with a single calendar or planning system. I had lists for my lists, and never felt like I'd ever be able to get ANY of it done, especially not in the time I wanted to do it. I strive towards financial independence, but always feel behind.

Something had to give.

After a long holdout, I got coaching. It's changed my life so much that my mission now is to help you guys build financial independence (whatever that means to you), and change YOUR lives, one goal at a time.

Because that's what it comes down to: constraint and accountability. 

If you changed your life one week at a time for three months, six months, or even twelve months, what kind of person would you be at the end of it? I'm here to help you reach your goals, especially when you've lost all motivation, you're stressed and burned out, and you're wondering what's wrong with you that you can't make yourself a priority.

It takes more than motivation and willpower to do the things we say we're going to do. It takes self discipline, grit, and accountability—not to mention a solid goal achievement strategy.

But how do you learn self discipline, and where do you find accountability? That's where I want to help.

As an outside perspective, someone to help you break down your goals and make action plans, and then follow through on them, I'm with you to challenge your beliefs about what you can do and then help you do it.

If this resonates with you, sign up for a consultation. I know I can help you.

You can also join my free Facebook group to get "comment coached" on whatever you're struggling with, get tips for mindset and accountability, and learn how to manage your mind one thought at a time.


My goal here is to help you cut through the mental obstacles keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself so that you can live a well-organized life in both mind and matter.

Do you ever find yourself thinking things like this?

  • My life is so chaotic and I don't know how to calm it down.
  • I don't have any useful talents like my friends and family do.
  • I worry about what people think of my life choices so much that I'm questioning my own judgment.
  • I know I can do more in my life but I just don't know how to get past the mental roadblocks.
  • (Bonus!) I have an invisible illness and avoid sharing it with others because I'm scared of what people will think, and stressed about how it affects my life.

If any of those sound like you (especially the bonus!) you're in the right place.

Cut Through the Chaos, One Step at a Time

It doesn't matter what kind of chaos it is.

I'm here to offer encouragement on your journey to a well-organized life and help you find value in everything you do.

I'll be your encouragement fairy with weekly posts about topics that will help you sort through the mental clutter.

I'm here to help you build the confidence to be comfortable with the cards life dealt you.

Sometimes your deck is great, and sometimes it sucks. For those with invisible illnesses, this is especially hard to deal with. But regardless of your deck of cards, the confidence to be comfortable with it is within reach.

And I'm here to be the voice of reason in times of confusion and the listening ear when you need to vent about your struggles.

My inbox is always open. While I am not a therapist, I'm known for giving good advice and also being a willing ear to vent to if you need it.

Mental Health

Mental health needs visibility. It needs to break free from the stigma that something is inherently wrong with someone if they have a mental illness. Nobody is perfect. Inspired Forward is about recognition and awareness. It's about self-care. It's about learning how to make positive changes in your life so you can transform into the best "you" there is.

There's no failure, only the forward path.


I'm an organizational nerd. I run my life out of Google Calendar and use a planning system called Monday Hour One. It's a system I teach my clients as a tool to organize their lives and make progress on ALL their goals, one week at a time.

When I was in Running Start, my guidance office called me their "poster child of organization." 

I share organization tips and strategies that have helped me.

Type 1 Diabetes

I've been a type 1 diabetic for over 24 years. In the summer of 2019, I started a podcast called This is Type 1. It focuses on real life with type 1 diabetes and our mission is to show listeners that diabetes doesn't have to hold you back. 

You can find out more information on the podcast by clicking here.

My Story, if You Got This Far...

I like to describe myself by saying I'm a life coach, writer, podcast host, and full-time analyst in the power industry. Yep, I have a full-time job, which I absolutely love! 

I started this blog in January 2017, posted three articles, and promptly stopped posting. At first, it was to help me improve my own mental health right as I was losing my first "big girl" job. I have a degree in engineering, not psychology, but my experiences have helped me understand that you don't need to be "degree'd" to know what to do when you feel anxious or depressed.

It took me over a year to start writing for it again after I attended the Work-at-Home Summit hosted by Caitlin Pyle in 2018. That summit put me on a path to reinvigorate the blog, become a virtual assistant, dive into self-coaching, and finally make the jump to start coaching others. 

Through this whole journey, I've never lost any desire to stay working for a corporate employer. In fact, I think my day job is one of the best parts of my life. I'm on a team with an amazing, supportive manager who's a leader worth following, and five other highly talented, hilarious, and friendly people. I consider all of them my work family.

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