Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook Review

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I’ve mentioned in several posts, like this one, that I have anxiety. So when I found out that Heather LeGuilloux, a therapist and mental health blogger, had resources for anxiety – specifically her Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook?

I jumped all over that.

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Companion Resource

I started with the Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook but quickly discovered that the eWorkbook is a companion piece to her Anxiety eBook, which you can download for free here.

The eBook is 27 pages long and does a good job of describing what anxiety is and common symptoms for four different kinds of anxiety.

I’m glad I read the eBook first, because the eWorkbook goes into detailed strategies to help combat mild to moderate anxiety, and it helped to understand which type of anxiety each strategy can work for.

The eWorkbook is 44 pages long.

My Experience

While reading through it, I took the time to try out some of the strategies she describes. I found that just sitting at my computer, I was able to release a lot of tension in my body that contributes to the feelings of anxiety that arise.

Not all of the strategies are able to be completed right away as you’re reading, though many of them are. Some require a specific location (like being outdoors) or a specific scent (for aromatherapy).

For the most part, you can take this with you on your phone and practice wherever you are, be it on the bus or subway or at work during a break. She really means it when she calls it a “Pocket” eWorkbook!

Pros & Cons


  • A lot of really good information and practical coping methods for a very good price at $15.
  • It’s easy to read and easy to understand, and most importantly, easy to implement right away!
  • It actually helped reduce some feelings of tension and anxiety while reading it, even though I didn’t complete all of the exercises.
  • The workbook is easy to read, user-friendly, and mobile. I have it saved on my Google Drive to access from pretty much anywhere.

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  • For being called an “eWorkbook” there are only a couple actual “workbook” type pages. The rest of it is explanations and step-by-step instructions to work through the coping methods.
  • At the end of each section, she asks for you to review how it went, but didn’t include a space to write down your answers. That’s definitely something I think future editions should include.
  • Some people might disagree with me, but I believe that formatting makes a difference when writing. The eWorkbook is generally well formatted but could be improved with spacing and flow.

Who is it For?

This eWorkbook (and eBook) are for you if you suffer from mild to moderate anxiety. It probably won’t be anything new for you if you suffer from frequent, debilitating panic attacks or have severe-enough anxiety that you’re on medication.

The strategies in the Pocket eWorkbook target those who could use a little extra help getting past anxious feelings that pop up every day.

If you identify with anything in my post on how I discovered I’ve got anxiety, then Heather’s eWorkbook will help you. It felt like a moment of fate when I saw her resource page–as if she created it exactly for me–and others like me.

Which is pretty much what she did!

I’d buy it again, to be honest.

Similar Resources

It’s interesting that I haven’t seen other resources like this. While there’s plenty of places on the internet for people to learn about anxiety and about coping techniques, how many of them are provided by actual therapists? Heather has made it easy to access the information many people need but don’t have about anxiety.

If you are interested in therapists like Heather LeGuilloux who talk accessibly about mental health, check out Melody Wilding.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, the Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook is a great tool and resource for those with mild to moderate anxiety, and in need of easy, fast, and effective coping strategies.

The Anxiety eBook is free, and the Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook is just $15.

anxiety pocket eworkbook review

She also has free resources on depression and motivation, as well as a $9 eBook on Motivation. The “10 Steps to Feel More Motivated” eBook is on sale right now for 10% off!

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