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I have historically hated running. But as part of my quest to cultivate a wealthy life, exercise is key, and I'm going to complete a C25K program.

My endeavor to complete sequential months of 30-day challenges has lost some steam, but that seems to have been a natural consequence of my personality.

To recap, these are the 30-day challenges I’ve done so far, whether to completion or not:

You’ll notice I don’t have March on there… Because I needed a break.

I had intended to spend March creating one new bullet journal spread a day, but the magnitude of the previous three challenges has been overwhelming—considering I did not complete them, not really.

We still have a few rooms to declutter, notably the kitchen and the entryway closet. Both need a dedicated day or weekend to take care of, and our weekends have become packed as the weeks of 2019 slip past.

My book is still unfinished, but much further along than it was at the end of November. I’m up to almost 81,000 words and a frame or outline of scenes to help me finish writing and editing it. April is another “NaNo” month called Camp NaNoWriMo and is a great opportunity to finish it.

I’ve also done a few more interviews with my Grandma, but haven’t edited anything from them. There are so many questions to ask her so I suspect it will take several more interviewing sessions before I’d feel that it’s “done,” so to speak. There’s still the task of turning it into something else, be it a podcast-type thing or a biography. I suspect it’ll be a biography.

April & May

The next two months are a challenge of a different flavor: completing a Couch-to-5K program and running a race the first weekend in June with my father-in-law!

This isn’t really a 30-day challenge, but I’m calling it two 30-day challenges smushed together because the C25K program is eight weeks. So it’s really two 28-day challenges, I guess.

I decided to do this challenge way back in August when I was first coming up with ideas for 30-day challenges. There are a few reasons I picked a C25K as one of them:

  1. It supports my 2019 goal to achieve a healthy weight
  2. I know that exercise makes me feel better
  3. I’ve historically hated running but don’t want to anymore
  4. I’ll get more distance for Adventure Sync in Pokémon Go

(I’m only half-kidding with #4)

It’s not like I’ve never done running before. I played basketball in elementary (we had to run lines every practice) and P.E. in high school involved running laps around the soccer field.

But I hated every moment of it.

In fact, I would often use my diabetes as an excuse to get out of it. As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that cardio will bring my blood sugar down while weight-lifting keeps it stable or raises it. It’s good, then, that I follow a low-carb lifestyle because that makes it infinitely easier to control my blood sugars while exercising.

I can go a whole day of skiing on low-carb and my blood sugar usually goes up a little instead of crashing like it did in the past!

The Plan

Starting April 1st (today!) I’ll start following the C25K program using the C25K app on my phone. My FIL already bought me gear to start out: running shoes and a belt with water bottles and a nice pouch where I can stash my phone and insulin pump.

(I usually stuff my insulin pump in my bra, but running will make me sweat a lot and I don’t want to accidentally short it out!)

The C25K app runs as an eight-week program with three scheduled runs a week to allow for rest and recovery.

As part of my 2019 goal to achieve a healthy weight (which involves developing an active lifestyle) I actually have a plan to keep rock climbing while moving through the C25K program.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I plan to follow the running program, while Thursdays and Sundays are reserved for rock climbing. Depending on the weather, Saturday mornings will consist of bike rides or hikes, and my “rest” day is Tuesday since that’s when I generally schedule my chiropractic appointments and massages.

I have historically hated running. But as part of my quest to cultivate a wealthy life, exercise is key, and I'm going to complete a C25K program.


As with any exercise plan, it’s easy to get thrown off track and decide to just give up. I’m actually an Upholder on the Four Tendencies which means I easily meet both inner and outer expectations—and it’s my inner expectation that I’m going to do this, rain or shine.

It also helps that my lovely accountability partner has said she’ll do the C25K as well!

For me, the bigger roadblocks than “not feeling like it” are disruptions in my routine—mainly travel.

I have two planned trips already that I know take place during the eight weeks of the program. One of them is a Sunday/Saturday flight pattern which lets me keep the C25K schedule, but the other is a Saturday/Wednesday flight pattern, so some things will need to shift a bit to make sure I stay on track.

I’m also roping the husband into it, at least when I go running in the afternoon instead of the morning. (He’s not a morning person, but I am.) That’s another layer of accountability to keep me steady.

What About the Other Stuff?

I still need to “finish” what I started during the challenges for December, January, and February.

Indeed, I’ve got to finish decluttering, writing my book, and interviewing my grandma. The nice thing about setting goals and challenges for yourself is that you’re in charge of what you do with them once you’re done—or how to finish them at all.

In conjunction with the C25K, I’m thinking I’ll use April as my “Camp NaNoWriMo” month to finish my book. It would be nice to hit 100,000 words, but I still need to self-edit before involving other people in my quest to get it published. If I write about 635 words a day, I’d be on track to meet 100,000 words by April 30th. But I’m also going to be self-editing in the process.

As for decluttering, what’s left is, as I mentioned earlier, the kitchen and a few closets. It’d probably be a good idea to just get them over with the first couple weekends in April so as to take it off my mind.

And then, of course, interviewing my grandma… It’s just a matter of making the time to edit the audio and set up dates with her to continue the interviews. She has a lot of fun with it, I think, especially if we bring her over to our house where she can interact with our cat.

Here Goes…

I’m both excited and a little nervous to embark on this “running journey”. If this is something you would like to do as well, I’d love for you to join me! What kinds of things do you do to stay healthy? Join the discussion below.

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  1. Good luck with the challenge! A few summers ago I tried doing the C25K challenge but ended up stopping because my knees can’t take running anymore. I used to run and loved it, but those days are behind me. However, now that I know I can’t run, I could just do it in a walking version. My husband was going to do it with me, but he has too many bad days that he can’t walk very far due to RA, so it didn’t work.

  2. I love the attitude of ‘yet’! I also hated running in PE but I have come to enjoy it when I go at my own pace. Your goal to complete all those 30 day challenges is inspiring, even if you haven’t completed them all- maybe even more so!

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