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Are you on the fence about trying intermittent fasting? Here are 5 tips to consider before committing—find out if this practice can fit into your life.

5 Tips to Find Out if Intermittent Fasting is For You

If you’ve heard people or the internet talking about “intermittent fasting”, you might wonder if it’s a good fit for you. People have sung its praises, and others see it as a kind of self-deprivation. Like many things with weight loss, though, intermittent fasting is a tool to help move you from where you are …

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Are you safety conscious? Do you see things that are unsafe, and point them out? Noticing hazards can be the difference between life and death. Stay safe.

Are You Safety Conscious?

If this sounds like a weird question, don’t worry: it is. Something I’ve learned over the last year and a half on my company’s safety committee is that for most people, safety is an afterthought. But safety should be the first thing we think about for every situation we go into, whether or not it …

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