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How You Think About Minimalism is Up to You

Everyone and their aunt is talking about minimalism nowadays, and so am I. Minimalism is one of those things that seems easy to define, and then you end up falling down Alice’s rabbit hole, only to find yourself confused and your marriage might be falling apart. For a lot of people, it’s easy to look …

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What Drives My Financial Goals?

Everybody has an innate “why.” There’s always a reason we do things, even if that reason is stupid. Since leaving college and striking out into the real world, my “why” has been constant. I have specific financial goals. Those, along with the rest of my values, drive me in everything I do.


Deep Dive into Budgeting with YNAB

Do you budget? There are so many budgeting tools out there nowadays that it can sometimes feel like a hassle to pick one and just use it. I used Mint in college, but in 2016 I switched to YNAB and have never looked back.