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Is it time to change your lifestyle? We have all faced an invisible enemy and had our lives turned upside down in recent months. Some haven’t been able to work, while others have had to carry on through the thick of things. 


These strange days have given us the time to make positive changes. You could start eating “better“, exercise more often, but could you be doing more? Here are some things to think about.     

Focus on Your Mindset

One of the first things that you could do to change your lifestyle would be to focus on your mindset. 

Your mind is a powerful tool and controls the thoughts, feelings, and actions that you take. The way you think will ultimately control what you eat and how active you are. Your thoughts determine your emotions. 

Keeping your mindset positive and focused on a positive outlook will help you feel better about things. It can start with gratitude as you focus on the good things in your life, and you can build it up from there. Things like meditation and exercises like yoga can also help with mindset. 

Additionally, the things that you read and consume can also have a lasting effect—especially on things like social media. Be careful about falling into the compare-and-despair trap. If you’re looking through the lens of victimhood and envy, you’ll create that for yourself. 

Do You Have a Secret Addiction?

The biggest step is often admitting that you have a problem, and for some, there could be an addiction that you may not even realize has become a problem. 

There are obvious addictions, like smoking, but things like drinking too much alcohol can often go unnoticed. You may be an “overdrinker” without being an alcoholic. It is important to understand if you are drinking because you want to, or feel like you need to. 

Having an addiction doesn’t necessarily mean you are under the influence every waking minute of the day, but it can sometimes mean that you are reliant. 

It could be time to seek outpatient treatment and advice from a professional if you feel that it has developed, or is developing into a problem. 

Change Your Diet

Diet has a lot to do with a healthy lifestyle. If you’re currently following the “SAD” (Standard American Diet) then you’d probably be better off trying something completely different. 

I eat low carb and have lost over 50 pounds on that protocol. I know people who just completely cut out sugar and flour (all forms of concentrated food) and the weight can just melt off. Some swear by Whole30, Paleo, or Carnivore. I don’t personally recommend vegetarian or vegan, but some peoples’ bodies need those foods to perform at their best. 

A change in what you eat could be the change your lifestyle needs.

Is it Time for a New Direction?

Finally, your lifestyle can have a lot to do with other factors in your life. Things like your career or maybe changing where you live. It might be time to think about whether you need to take a different direction in life and looking at how you could make that happen. 

I hope these suggestions help you make some positive lifestyle changes! 

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