Are You Ready to Stop Feeling Alone & Unsupported with Type 1 Diabetes?

The T1D Facebook groups swing from dead silent to overwhelmingly noisy, and it's hard to get the right support when you're one voice among 25,000.

I hear you loud & clear.

Join the Half-Dead Pancreas Club! It's a private T1D community where you'll build real, lasting relationships with other T1Ds, share resources, and get personalized support.

Do you want a place to...

  • Share feelings and experiences without judgment?
  • Ask for support when it seems like T1D is in control?
  • Connect with other T1Ds who get what it's like to live with this incurable condition?

This is the space for you. Join Today!

Disclaimer - This will not be a medical advice forum. All medical questions will be redirected to your care team.

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