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Routines are the foundation of my "sane" life. I love seeing how others structure their lives, so here's a look at my daily and weekly routines for inspo!

I’m always interested in learning about the routines other people practice. When do they do their best work? On what things do they focus on any given day? Are there better times during the day, week, or month to do things? I like learning about this because it gives me the opportunity to try something new and determine if it fits better with my schedule than before. So, I thought I’d share my daily and weekly routines with you in case you’re looking for the same kind of inspiration!

Areas of Life

Everyone has different areas of life and it’s smart to put them in different buckets, to keep them relatively separate. The most visual way I do this is by utilizing different calendar colors in Google Calendar.


Personal life is a catch-all for chores, relationships, entertainment, hobbies, personal growth, and everything that doesn’t fit the “corporate” or “side-hustle” label. A lot of my 2019 goals fit into the personal bucket.


This is what happens between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM on weekdays unless I’m traveling for work. If it relates to my corporate employer, it fits in this bucket.


Anything relating to building my presence online, earning side-income from hustles like virtual assisting, affiliate marketing, freelance writing (or Medium Partner Program income), and creating digital (or physical!) products lands in this bucket.

This is a relatively new bucket, to be honest—less than a year in existence, yet this draws a lot of my focus.


Routines can make or break people. I didn’t have a great morning routine in college or the first couple of years of full-time work. I still don’t know how good my evening routine is, and I know it could be better.


I practice the Miracle Morning routine. Simply put, I spend 45 minutes to an hour on six things:

  • Silence
  • Affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Scribing

These are abbreviated as S.A.V.E.R.S. Sometimes they really do feel like lifesavers! I wrote more about my miracle morning routine in this post.

Mornings are also when I spend the most time writing content. Blog posts generally develop in 500-word spurts in the mornings, which takes a lot of the pressure off trying to write an entire post the night before I’m supposed to publish it.


My evening routine is less well-defined. In general, I make sure I have everything ready to go for the next day (work days especially). This includes staging my lunch in the fridge, prepping the coffeemaker to auto-brew in the morning, and laying out my clothes.

I aim to brush my teeth and wash my face around 7:30 PM, so I can be in bed by 8:00 PM. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t. One of the things on my to do list is to develop a better evening routine that includes planning the top priorities for the next day.

I wrote more about the importance of planning your day the night before in this post. Clearly, I still have some work to do!


Since mornings and evenings, in general, look the same, the real difference is day by day. I’ll try not to get too into the weeds for this. I’m also going to leave out anything I do for my day job since you guys don’t need to know about that.

As of this writing (April 2019), I’m doing a Couch-to-5K running program that has me running three days a week. This works out so that I’m running M/W/F. I’m considering extending this habit past the end of the program to stay consistent.

Tuesdays are my real “rest” days. I don’t schedule exercise—instead, I schedule chiropractor and massage appointments. Since I go to the chiropractor weekly, it makes it easy to have a set time and day when I show up. Massages are every two weeks (roughly) and those nights, in particular, don’t leave much wiggle room to do anything else besides drive home and go to sleep.

The husband and I go to the rock climbing gym on Thursday evenings after work and Sundays after church. He doesn’t particularly like heights, but he took a belay class so he could be my belayer. This means he controls the rope at the other end when I climb “top rope” walls. This lets me climb more variety; otherwise, I’d be on one of the 10 auto-belay walls over and over again.

Other things I endeavor to do on a daily basis:

Routines are the foundation of my "sane" life. I love seeing how others structure their lives, so here's a look at my daily and weekly routines for inspo!

Side Hustle

Because of time zone differences, I have a virtual assistant check-in call on Monday mornings around 6 AM. Since I get up at 4 AM, this is the perfect time to do this call.

In general, I try to get between 30 minutes and an hour of virtual assistant work done on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I spend more time on the weekend for obvious reasons.

Like I mentioned above, part of my morning routine every day is to write at least 500 words, whether it be for a blog post, Medium story, or email.

Other things, like batching for Instagram and Pinterest, happen on the weekend as well.

I have so many ideas for things to do, but the problem is scheduling the time to break them down into their finite parts and then scheduling the time to actually do them.

Things I try to batch:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Writing and scheduling emails—which sometimes include affiliate promotions
  • Creating and scheduling Instagram posts
  • Creating blog post images for Pinterest & Instagram
  • Filling my Pinterest Tailwind schedule
  • Creating freebies, content upgrades, and working on future paid products

It’s Key to Be Flexible

What’s saved me most during the last year is recognizing that not everything is set in stone. If something in the Personal bucket comes up unexpectedly, it’s okay to move things around. If a corporate business trip takes me across the country for a week, it’s okay to relax my grip on my otherwise normal schedule. Being flexible doesn’t mean I’m not committed or don’t care—it just means that nothing is as permanent as my organized and orderly brain would like it to be.

Over the past several years I’ve learned how to “go with the flow,” which has drastically reduced the amount of stress I heap upon myself!

Of course, I prefer to stick to my routines, but it’s equally important to recognize when I need to move things around.

Call to Action

What do your routines look like? Do you have a specific ritual you practice every morning, evening, or Monday? What’s your favorite routine? (Mine is the massages!) I’d love to hear from you down in the comments!

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  1. I have several different categories going on in my life. Thought this would slow down as I got older and kids left home. Nope busier than ever and loving every moment.

  2. This had some really great, detailed tips and information! Your Miracle Morning Routine and S.A.V.E.R.S is brilliant! I may have to borrow this, cause it’s awesome!

  3. We share similar routines. I almost always start my mornings with some type of silence, meditation and affirmation. When I don’t, I can tell a BIG difference. I have also migrated to using block scheduling as much as possible to make sure I am making the most use of my time. Being a homeschooling mompreneur of 4 children and 2 businesses, having a handle on my time is a MUST!

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