Where to Find Me

Colleen Mitchell Writes

This is my book writing business. Right now I am working on The Chronicles of Talahm. The first two books in the series are published and available now, and I'm (as of summer 2023) working on book 3 and the outline of book 4.

Down the line you'll see more than just the Talahm books from Colleen Mitchell Writes!

Tally Ink + Author Resources

I am the CEO of Tally Ink, an author services company that runs The 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge, Professional Premium group coaching & critique, 1:1 author coaching, and 1:1 editing services. 


I am the host of two podcasts:

Type 1 Diabetes Resources

Please see the "Extras" page on This is Type 1's website for a one-stop-shop of my favorite T1D resources.

Other Resources

You'll find other resources here as I remember them while I clean up this website from all the years!