Episode 112: Good Carbs, Bad Carbs

October 5, 2021

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Learn more about carbs: the good, the bad, and which ones type 1 diabetics should eat (if they so choose). 


We’ve talked a lot about carbs, low carb, processed carbs, and even zero carb on this podcast, but we haven’t taken the time to talk about what many people call “good carbs” versus “bad carbs”, as if labeling a carbohydrate makes it better or worse for you.

Wins & Fails

Colleen's Win: I was a guest on the Coach Maylen podcast with a fellow T1D who works for Tandem! We'll link to the episode here when it's released.

Jessie's Fail: Jessie hasn't been taking enough time for herself while at college. 

Hack or Tip of the Week

When in doubt, shop the perimeter of the grocery store. That's where the fresh, healthy food lives.

Why do people say "good carbs" or "bad carbs"? In this episode, we dive into different categories of carbs, so-called good versus bad carbs, and the kinds of carbs type 1 diabetics should include in their protocols if they do choose to eat carbs.

Diabetes Spotlight

The spotlight this week is on Laura, a fellow T1D Instagrammer with the handle @beansbetes. She’s had T1D for 22 years and wears the Omnipod and Dexcom. Laura’s done a great job of raising awareness by talking about the issues she’s faced to help all T1Ds learn from them. You can find blog posts and recipes on her website, beansbetes.com.

Question for You!

What kind of carbohydrates do you eat most? What do you think of the idea of good carbs or bad carbs?

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Life coach, author, engineer, and host of the podcast This is Type 1: Real Life with Type 1 Diabetes. I teach T1Ds how to feel better without changing how they manage it.

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  1. Just want to say that I am glad to hear younger people who are telling the truth about carbohydrates and fruit and “resistant starch” — truth being the difference between what other people say is supposed to work well and be healthy vs. what you are saying actually happens.

    Obviously it varies from person to person, but so many people insist still that these kinds of foods are healthy and manageable with “the right amount of insulin” and they are not working out nearly as well as people claim for.a lot of us. I mention age, because it is almost like taboo to suggest that younger people would do better if they skipped the “normal” food intake that their nondiabetic friends are eating. Like they are missing out on some important social experience or that their bodies need carb energy in higher amounts to … i don’t know what.

    If one can eat bananas and cereal manage a normal glucose, wow, great. But it is not helpful to say people must eat fruit and grains to be healthy. Bunch of over blown foolishness.— like elevated glucose or rollercoaster is somehow better if it incorporates breakfast cereals, pasta and 100% fruit juice. Also, as you say, “modern farming” has cultivated crops that are unnaturally high in glucose, sugar and fructose and then “processing” of different foods additionally strips food of fibers, and nutrients and causes them to spike glucose higher and faster. I dunno why it is so hard to have this conversation, so congrats to you two for using your efforts and influence to make it known.

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