Episode 142: Solo Road Trip with T1D

May 3, 2022

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I took a 12-day solo road trip that spanned 4000 miles. Find out how my blood sugars did! I talk about my TIR, lows, highs, and how I handled food, insulin, and being out of routine for that long. 


You'll also hear how I got stranded in Wyoming thanks to weather! I was actually okay with this mostly because I had a bunch of extra diabetes supplies with me.

I really enjoyed this solo road trip. It was the first one I've been on! I've done long road trips before, but those were with family. And I've been on solo trips before, but not multi-day. 

I hope The Life Coach School holds Mastermind in Austin in 2023 too, so I can go on another solo trip!

Wins & Fails

Colleen's Win: I had a double unicorn on my first day of the solo road trip! By the time I reached my first stop, my BG was 100 with 100% time in range.

Colleen's Fail: Aaaand right after that double unicorn, I forgot to bolus for dinner, went high, overcorrected, and then crashed.

Tip of the Week

For long trips like the one I took, and for anything really that’s out of the ordinary from your routine, it’s soooo helpful to be flexible.

Learn how Colleen handled diabetes during her 12-day solo road trip.

Question for You!

Have you ever done a solo road trip before? I’d love to hear about your experiences with road trips both solo and with others! 

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