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This is an interview I looked forward to for quite a while. Aaron Holyfield is a police officer friend of mine who wanted to get a better understanding of what police officers should know about type 1 diabetes.

As a police officer, he didn’t receive a lot of training on how to interact or deal with situations involving a diabetic medical emergency. For the first half of this interview, he asked me a lot of questions about diabetes, my experience with it, and what he should look for to identify a type 1 diabetic needing help.

Since this interview ran for nearly an hour, we forewent a win, fail, hack, and news for this week. Just sit back and find out just what you need to do as a type 1 diabetic to help your local police officers in case you’re the one in trouble. The simplest answer is just that police officers should know that you have diabetes in the first place.

To connect with Aaron on Instagram, you can search for “Aaron Ocaria” or just follow the link.




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