Episode 62: T1D Boundaries with Parents

October 20, 2020

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Do you have boundaries with your parents about your type 1 diabetes?

If you were diagnosed as a toddler or even as a teenager, your parents have most likely been the ones managing your diabetes right up until you turned 18. Sometimes, parents let their kids take on more responsibility if asked for or by default, but those parents I’ve met who have children with type 1 are very involved with their child’s diabetes management. 


Depending on how much the parent holds on to that responsibility, the kid might have a hard time taking that responsibility for him or herself once they become an adult.

Wins & Fails

Colleen's Win: I had relatively smooth numbers after a weird weekend with odd highs.

Jessie's Fail: Jessie ran out of places to put new plants as a plant mom. Colleen is impressed with Jessie's green thumb.

Hack of the Week

Join a diabetes community platform. Crowdsourcing tips and advice is a great way to figure out what boundaries you might want to set, and understand the other side of the equation. Join me on DMP, which stands for Diabetes Management Platform. It’s a relatively new community app by TLC Platforms.

Download DMP on Apple App Store

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Connect with me there: @Colleen Mitchell. 

Your relationship with your parents shifts once you reach adulthood. It’s important to set boundaries with parents to become T1D independent.

Diabetes Spotlight

The spotlight this week is on the Abbott Libre Sense CGM, a new over-the-counter sensor available in Europe and made especially for athletes without diabetes to help optimize their performance.

While it’s not intended for those with diabetes, it opens up the door for people with type 2 or prediabetes to get their hands on a sensor that still tracks blood sugars and they can’t get a sensor through their insurance.

Question for You!

What boundaries have you set with your parents about your diabetes as an adult? What boundaries are you worried about having to set once you make that transition?

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