Episode 77: The Diabetes App with DMP’s CEO & CMO

February 2, 2021

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Sean Zaboroski and Taylor Beatty, the CEO and CMO of DMP, the diabetes app, join me to talk about the app made just for the diabetes community.


Sean and Taylor share their favorite features on the DMP app. They also talk about planned upgrades, and their passion for engaging the users on their platform.

The Diabetes App is a community social engagement app specifically for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Learn about DMP, the free community Diabetes App.

Different screens inside DMP, Diabetes Management Platform

Wins & Fails

Jessie's Win: Her new pump and sensor arrived, and she's put them on! And so far, they're awesome! Jessie upgraded to the new Medtronic 770G.

Colleen's Fail: It’s been raining a lot in Western Washington recently, and I’ve let that stop me from going on daily walks, because I don’t want to get wet. It’s a dumb reason.

Hack or Tip of the Week

Budget for unexpected expenses, especially those diabetes-related ones! Also, consider stashing money in a "stupidity fund" for those times when something really dumb happens and you just have to pay for it.

Meet Sean Zaboroski and Taylor Beatty

Learn about DMP, the free community Diabetes App.

Sean Zaboroski

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, DMP

From business/securities lawyer to entrepreneur, Sean is all about invigorating life into fresh new ideas. Sean does more than just manage all aspects of the business; he creates communities by establishing platforms dedicated to helping others.

Connect with Sean on LinkedIn.

You can also reach out to the DMP team at info@thediabetesapp.com

Taylor Beatty

Chief Marketing Officer, DMP

With a degree in psychology, Taylor understands people better than most. From executing marketing strategies to managing the marketing team, Taylor ensures that people’s voices are heard. She believes in not only supporting customers but creating positive change.

Learn about DMP, the free community Diabetes App.

Get the DMP App

Question for You!

Our question for you guys this week is, are you on DMP yet??? If not, you’re missing out on the community and camaraderie there among others with type 1 diabetes. It’s not Facebook, and it’s just for those with diabetes.

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