March 19, 2018

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JTM Week Five Instagram

Welcome to The Journey to Magnificence! This is week five: March 11-17, 2018.

To be honest, this week felt like it draaaaaaagged on. I have no idea why, only that by the time Saturday arrived it felt like it had only been a couple days. I was happy though because having scheduled posts on Saturday, I didn’t have to worry about them come Monday or Thursday! Thursday marked my first blog post covering a topic that isn’t this Journey to Magnificence! It’s about loving yourself first. Check it out here.

Courses of the Week

  • Intentional Blog (I hope!)
  • 7 Days or Less to Website Branding Success
  • 7 Day Launch Your Blog Challenge
  • Continue with videos from the Women in Publishing Summit, Fast Track Lab, and Mindset University.

It’s slow going, that’s for sure!

Sunday, Day 29 – I Hiked Out of a Black Run

My dad and I went skiing again today at White Pass in Washington. Contrary to our last trip, the skies were clear blue, the sun shone bright, and it got hella warm.

We rented powder skis again and in my quest for new terrain almost went down a very steep drop-off with no black diamond signage. I thought it would turn into a run we already knew but did not trust my eyeballs when it came to the apparent steepness.

So we hiked back up the hill.

It sucked, I got hot, but in the end, I’m glad we experienced it.

In fact, I got a really amazing picture, and I liked it so much that I turned it into the post image!

week five white pass

I’m not perfect.

I don’t know White Pass like the back of my hand yet.

My dad and I don’t have the capability of going down black runs without a very high chance of injury.

So we didn’t.

We turned back, and it was okay.

I think that’s a good lesson for a journey like mine.

You might go someplace you don’t really like, but the view turns out to be fabulous. I ended up skiing the rest of the day with my jacket open and my gloves stuffed in my backpack and let me tell you, that wind felt incredible.

Monday, Day 30 – Intentional Blog Time!!

Today was exciting! I started Intentional Blog – and by “started” I mean I watched the first video. And that’s pretty much all Jeff Goins wants you to do, is watch one video a day and then do the action step.

Today’s action step is to introduce myself in the Facebook Group for Intentional Blog, but I have to be approved for that first.

So I’ll do that tomorrow.

I also signed up for Jonathan Milligan’s 7 Day Launch Your Blog Challenge. From the overview, it looks like it’s going to cover stuff I’ve already done for this website, but it’s not a bad idea to go through it to make sure that I’ve got everything set up right.

I mentioned ScrawlSchool’s course on stress last week. Well, today I went through the introductory module. There already looks to be some information on stress that I didn’t know yet, and still applicable to non-parents.

Tonight felt productive.

Tuesday, Day 31 – The Masseuse Said My Back is “Crunchy”

Holy guacamole, you guys, I’ve been doing this thing for a whole month!!!

Today I felt more distracted than usual. It was a struggle to get myself focused, and I felt irritated at the smallest things. I could tell that I was going off the rails but I didn’t know why! But, because I’m more able to recognize that feeling now, I could keep myself from taking it out on others or giving in to the urge to blame others, circumstances, or things for the way I was feeling.

It was internal, and I could tell it to stop.

The cool part is that when I tried doing so, it actually worked – to some extent.

It wasn’t a magical “tell yourself to stop thinking badly of yourself” and I stopped, it was more the recognition that I wasn’t feeling like myself that helped me accept it’s okay to feel irritated sometimes, as long as it doesn’t affect your life.

Tonight is a busy night, for sure. Another visit to the masseuse to work out skiing kinks, and then off to Bible study where, sadly, there won’t be a gorgeous black lab to pet all night.

Wednesday, Day 32 – Big Leaps Forward

Okay, you know what the plan is for today?

Be super-fricking-productive.


I watched the 2nd video in Intentional Blog, and I’m taking the action steps to heart, as well as Jonathan’s 7 Day Launch Your Blog Challenge (7DC).

The first 2 7DC videos were really helpful. I came up with my passion statement and figured out a rough sketch of my ideal audience. Both got posted in the Blogging Your Passion Facebook group, and I’m getting good feedback!

My passion is living a well-organized life in both mind and matter, and I want to help others cut through the mental obstacles to becoming the best versions of themselves.

It turns out that Gina Horkey’s 7 Days or Less to Branded Website Success covers everything that I’ve already done on my website. That’s getting saved for whenever I build my next website.

So, though it doesn’t sound like much, today was actually pretty packed full of value in terms of getting shit done.

Thursday, Day 33 – That Cookie was a Bad Idea

I made a bad decision today: I had a cookie.

I’m not kidding, this was a terrible decision.

I’m not gluten-free or Celiac, but I am a type 1 diabetic.

My blood sugar was 90 (great!) and trending down (not great!), and my provided lunch for a meeting at work came with a cookie.

It was a delicious cookie.

But even with insulin, my blood sugar shot over 280 (very bad!!!) an hour and a half after eating it.

My blood sugar spiked SO FAST and basically ignored all the insulin I put in to cover it.

190 points in 90 minutes.

So I went on a walk to bring it down (with the insulin helping it on its merry way).

Walking in Thought

During that walk, I thought about my progress through the WAHS so far, and have begun to consider using the colleenmitchell.co domain I purchased a few weeks ago as a home base for a Virtual Assisting or proofreading business. This is making me consider buying Proofread Anywhere, because over and over again I’m the person who proofs things, and I love it. I love finding the mistakes and fixing them.

I do it at work for my team (and not my team), I did it in college and high school, I do it for my mom and my sister, I just do it for pretty much everyone.

My main roadblock is spending another $500 on the Proofread Anywhere course right after dropping $500 on Work at Home School. And I think I’m deluding myself with that bad money mindset Caitlin always talks about.

I feel like I’m talking myself both into and out of the idea at the same time, and I feel a little stuck.

Does anyone have some advice?

Actual Work

It’s working pretty well just watching a video a day for Intentional Blog. I’m excited to get into the meat of it, because 1) Jeff is awesome and 2) I know it will bring a lot of value to how I view my blog.

In the 7DC, I got my brand story tagline created! This is something that will be attached to this website, so I might as well put it here:

Most anxious millennials struggle with achieving a calm life landscape. I help them cut through the mental obstacles of anxiety, self-doubt, and overwhelm so they can construct a well-organized life and become the best versions of themselves.

Writing it out like this makes it more real to me.

Friday, Day 34 – Multitasking is not Multitasking

Today’s big win was finishing the draft for the next post, which will be on goal setting!

I circulated the Love Yourself First post in a few Facebook groups and got some nice traffic from that.

My multitasking-is-not-multitasking task tonight was creating the post images for this and the next post while listening to a video of Caitlin Pyle.

It seems to work well, and I felt good about getting it done now instead of waiting until the last minute.

Saturday, Day 35 – It’s My Husband’s Birthday!

Soooooo we went to the humane society today.

We looked at cats.

We were only there for a grand total of fifteen minutes because we didn’t see any cats that we clicked with, which means we’re visiting another shelter tomorrow after church.

Who knows, I might be sharing kitty pictures with you guys next week!

I’m certainly excited to share kitty pictures.

This morning was nice and productive. I finished Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, completed the next module in Intentional Blog, and day 5 of Jonathan Milligan’s 7 Day Challenge. Jonathan’s moved from the philosophy of blogging to the actual set up, so now the videos are less relevant to me since I already have this blog set up on a real website.

Tonight is my husband’s birthday dinner, so it’s safe to say anything that gets done today is getting done before that!

What’s Next?

Next week I’ll also start reading Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why and then its companion Find Your Why after that. I first found out about Sinek from my workplace during a leadership discussion, and have been pretty much obsessed with his stuff ever since then.

This guy is inspiring.

I’m definitely going to continue with Intentional Blog, the videos from things like Mindset University and the Women in Publishing Summit (where I find the time), and possibly starting a new course. I haven’t really decided on what course to do in conjunction with Intentional Blog, but I feel like I need to do more things from the WAHS at the same time instead of other, free resources.

Also, next Saturday (March 24th) is the first WAHS Seattle Meetup! I’m so stoked to meet others who are on the same journey I am and to see how they’re taking hold of their dreams and making them real.

The Journey to Magnificence is a series of weekly summaries of my journey through courses and resources provided by or found through the Work at Home School, hosted and delivered by Caitlin Pyle.

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