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Welcome to The Journey to Magnificence! This is week forty-four: December 9-15, 2018.

It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here! My company had our annual holiday party on Saturday night and it was fun to see everyone dressed up and looking sharp. That, though, was the weekend highlight after practically destroying our office to declutter.

What I Said I’d Do

  • Write 2500 words for The Seventh Sorceress
  • Start filling out the Slay Your Goals Planner
  • Be present and active in Davina Faust’s Resolved program for this month 🙂

What I Actually Worked On

  • Wrote 2229 words out of 2500! I’ll count that as a win.
  • Got back into the SYG Planner and started thinking about my big goals for 2019.
  • Davina’s Resolved group is awesome!

Days 302 – 308

First and foremost, I put it on my daily list to write at least 360 words a day for my book, as well as 300 words for a blog post or Medium story. That went all according to plan, except for Sunday. I forgot to get those words in with the distraction of my mid-decluttering office:

I also got back into the SYG Planner (read the review of it here) to start getting clear on my 2019 goals and how to smash them.

By nature I’m a fairly ambitious person, so my goals list as it stands is quite long and probably a bit too involved. I need to pick the top three to five and come up with action plans for those, specifically. All the rest will be icing on the cake come December 2019.

The last big thing for this week is my participation in Davina Faust’s Resolved group! She is taking us on a journey intended to prepare us for actually accomplishing our 2019 goals—what I need from this group is accountability, and I definitely have that.

I will say that the decluttering project has expanded far past what I expected it would take—but who am I kidding? Seeing all the stuff we own strewn across the office (and the living room couch, TBH) puts it into perspective just how much junk we’ve been holding on to because it was all hidden away in boxes in the closet.

If you’re on this decluttering journey with me, how’s it going for you? Do any of your rooms look like a tornado went through?

I haven’t even started on the books!

What’s Next?

  • Finish writing, editing, and scheduling/submitting posts for the rest of December
  • Write 2500 words for The Seventh Sorceress
  • Finish filling out SYG Planner
  • Spend 3 hours in SYG course

The Journey to Magnificence is a series of weekly summaries of my journey through courses and resources provided by or found through the Work at Home School, hosted and delivered by Caitlin Pyle.

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