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Welcome to The Journey to Magnificence! This is week thirty-three: September 23 – 29, 2018.

As the weeks go by and I get busier, I feel like I have less to talk about for these daily and weekly updates. I’ve also noticed a pattern: the week starts strong on Sunday, slumps on Thursday, and lasts through about half of Saturday before I feel up to it again.

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What I Said I’d Do

  • Finish Module 1 of #GoalSlaying in 6 Steps
  • Survive my company’s conference (that I’ve been co-organizing for the last four months)

What I Actually Worked On

Sunday, Day 225 – #GoalSlayer Masterclass on Wednesday, 10/3!

Oh man. Today felt quite productive!

The husband and I did a few Mewtwo raids for Pokemon Go and spent an hour at his parents’ house picking grapes and conversing.

But when we got home, I really dug into the things I’ve been putting off…like getting all the promotional material scheduled for the upcoming #GoalSlayer Masterclass, hosted by Nadalie Bardo of It’s All You Boo.

She’s the “goal slaying queen” who created the Slay Your Goals Planner, which I reviewed in this post.

I’ve gone through a previous incarnation of her Masterclass, which is also how I found her #GoalSlaying in 6 Steps course that I’m currently working through.

She knows her stuff, folks!

Sign up for the free Masterclass here! It’s on October 3rd at 8 PM EST | 5 PM PST.

I would be on the call with you, but unfortunately, I’ll be driving home from day 2 of the Smartsheet Conference, and will completely miss it.

Monday – Thursday, Days 226 – 229: Conference Crazy

You know what they say about things going wrong right when you need them to go right?

Well, we ran into a conference planning snafu today and I felt totally exhausted by the time our welcome reception rolled around this evening.

In fact, one of my “champagne moments” this week is to just get through it without anything majorly bad happening.

I did, however, take whatever downtime I had to check email and read the remaining books of my 30-day challenge for September.

On the last day of the conference, I did a mini brain dump on a notepad, just to get everything out of my head that I’ve been thinking about for the last several days.

Some are plans for blog and VA things, others are just personal projects to organize and plan (like the 30-day challenges and my participation in NaNoWriMo).

Overall, this week has left me mentally exhausted and in need of some time to just recuperate at a leisurely pace. I’m not sure how realistic that’s going to play out though!

One can hope.

Friday, Day 230 – #NotRecovered

A week of not-great sleep resulted in a not-great Friday. My concentration suffered massively. I took tonight off to accommodate movie night with the husband (we watched the 1999 version of The Mummy, with Brendan Fraser) and spent some time walking around our local park.

All week I’ve been either walking a lot around the conference hotel or downtown Seattle, but not in a meaningful “exercise” way. It’s relaxing to go out to the park and be in nature (despite all the people and distractions of soccer games.)

It’s all right, though. I’m looking forward to a night of good sleep that will boost my mood.

Saturday, Day 231 – I Am a Boring Diabetic

So my endocrinologist is amazing.

She doesn’t make me get blood tests very often, but when she does she gives me great feedback for what I need to change going forward.

I basically manage all my blood sugars perfectly – looking at you, 5.9% A1C!

She’s just there to get me even healthier.

And teach me stuff about the body that I had no idea about.

Every time I see her I’m astonished at how much Wrong Information is out there – especially for diabetics like myself.

For a good book on all that Wrong Information, check out Ken Berry’s book, Lies My Doctor Told Me.

After my appointment, I met up with my mom for coffee and told her about my endeavor to do VA work! She looked excited, probably at the prospect of cheap labor (ha) because she’s a very talented artist who might need some assistance with administrative things that she’s been doing on her own for over 30 years.

We’ll see.


What’s Next?

Since I’m going into my second straight week of conferences, I’m not even going to try to commit to anything beyond these things:

  • Smartsheet Conference
  • Start my October Challenge – Hand-Copy a chapter of Scripture a day (the Book of Acts). 

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