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Welcome to The Journey to Magnificence! This is week twenty-seven: August 12 – 18, 2018.

I spent this week on the East Coast for work, and also managed to kill some of my to-do list. I love traveling, and I also love how focused I can get on the airplane or in my hotel room after the day’s work is done. It’s also pretty convenient that I have a couple friends in the area I visit, one of whom I haven’t seen in nine years…so that meetup is SO happening!

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What I Said I’d Do

  • Start working with my first VA client!
  • Write email 2 of 6 of the Intentional Blog autoresponder sequence
  • Work through at least 2 modules of the Goal Slayer course
  • Watch Module 1 of the Get to the Point Workshop
  • Watch Module 3 of the Writer’s Block Relief course
  • Finish the Get Legit Toolkit
  • Complete 2 more VA course modules

What I Actually Worked On

  • Finished the Get Legit Toolkit
  • Watched Module 3 of the Writer’s Block Relief course, as well as downloaded a bunch of his resources
  • Watched Module 1 (and 2) of the Get to the Point Workshop
  • Wrote all 6 of the Intentional Blog autoresponder emails!
  • Worked through 1/2 modules of the Goal Slayer Course
  • Completed modules 4 & 5 of the VA course
  • Started module 2 of the Goal Slayer course
  • Watched a couple lessons from Intentional Blog Module 4
  • Finalized the contract with my author friend!

 Sunday, Day 183 – Cram A Bunch of Stuff In and Go to Bed at Like 7 PM

I had a lot to do today.

A replay of a 2-hour webinar with a LOT of material to take notes on. Played at 2x speed and pausing when I needed to write, I ended up with 8 pages of notes. I ended up skipping the last hour of the webinar (since by then it was all a sales pitch for a course.)

The second day of Pokemon Go’s Eevee Community Day! The day ended with eight shiny Eevees!

I also needed to pack for my trip this week to Delaware on a work trip. I have packing lists, but I always end up taking about an hour and a half to actually get everything I need Tetris’ed into a carry-on roller bag and my backpack. For convenience, I’ve stopped checking bags and now only fly with carry-ons. I actually impressed myself back in May by packing for a two-week trip in just those two bags.


Because I prefer early-ass flights, that means I have to get up really early to leave really early. So I also go to bed early.

Ergo, good night!

 Monday, Day 184 – Long-Ass Flight to Philadelphia

SeaTac airport felt especially disorganized this morning.

I don’t think any of the TSA agents were talking to each other, since no one seemed to know which TSA PreCheck line was open, and only one general screening checkpoint had people moving through it.

I walked up and down the terminal for at least fifteen minutes trying to find an open PreCheck line and didn’t learn until way late that they don’t open until 4:00 AM.

Then the train from that end of the terminal to the end with my gate was closed for maintenance until after my boarding time, so I ended up with over 4,000 steps on my Fitbit before 6:00 AM.

Silver linings, y’all.

At least I had coffee and my Kindle.

There was also an article in the Seattle Times this morning titled, “The Ultimate Guide to Deciphering Teenage Slang.” I have no idea how riveting this article actually was, but the old guy reading it at my gate seemed interested.

I’m hoping the weather will hold out in the Northeast, though there are thunderstorms predicted when I’m scheduled to land. 

Well, the only delay ended up being half an hour, which felt like no time at all.

And then I became super productive on the flight to Philly, writing all six of my new welcome sequence emails for new subscribers! Hopefully, by the time you read this, it’ll be live.

[mailerlite_form form_id=4]


A woman in the row in front of me was watching Avengers: Infinity War, though, so I became frequently distracted at key humorous moments, like this one:

Definitely my favorite Marvel movie so far besides Doctor Strange and Thor Ragnarok.

Anyway, I like long flights because they let me get so much done, even without the internet. I finished one book and started another too (on my Kindle).

 Tuesday, Day 185 – So Anthony Moore is Pretty Dope

I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of jet lag regardless of which direction I fly – west to east, or east to west. Only within the United States, though! I got jet lag pretty bad when I went to England but countered it by staying up for 29 hours straight and falling asleep pretty quickly around 7 that night.

But I digress.

Today went well. I got to spend time with coworkers I don’t see very often and went out to both lunch and dinner with colleagues.

That kind of camaraderie feels good.

And it’s part of that whole idea that the culture of where you work matters. My first job felt very siloed and isolating—one of the only times I went out to eat with colleagues was on my last day.

Kind of tells you something, doesn’t it?

In any case, tonight I’m taking advantage of a free webinar hosted by Anthony Moore, a prolific author on Medium whose occasional emails are written as if to a friend. So already I think he’s pretty dope. 

Update – he provided some really good writing tips that I’m definitely going to pore over when I get home!

Wednesday, Day 186 – Slay Slay All Day

This morning did not have a great start. My blood sugar was high ALL night, crashed hard after going on the hotel treadmill for 2 miles, and then popped right back up on a roller coaster.

I don’t know how to describe that feeling to non-diabetics, other than it often results in a combination of a headache, thirst, and nausea. I call that the trifecta, and definitely had it this morning.

In fact, my blood sugar all day was up and down. Not the greatest experience.

This evening I spent in the Goal Slaying course because

1) it’s on my champagne moment list for this week and

2) I thought there was an orientation call tonight (but it got moved).

I did make some good progress in the course, though, so I’m happy about that! It’s all about slaying your goals instead of just sitting on plans for them.

And I’ll admit, I’m a planner.

I pretty much live and breathe the planning part of things, which might be a weakness now that I think about it. Because what’s a plan without the action to complete it?

Thursday, Day 187 – Breakthrough Call with Jess Geist’s Team

While I got my 1000 words done around 6 AM EST, today felt like a very long day. Usually, the long days happen when I need to finish up some to-dos in the evening, but this evening all I had was a call with one of Jessica Geist’s team. She runs the Worth to Wealth course (which I probably need to take eventually considering the result of the call).

After that, I spent some more time in the Goal Slaying course setting my intention.

And I want to share that intention with you.

I choose to create a wealthy life.

[bctt tweet=”Have you set your intention? I choose to create a wealthy life.” username=”inspiredforward”]

Wealth is so much more than money.

Wealth is good health, good finances, a happy mind, healthy relationships, stable emotions, and strong faith.

There are probably more aspects than I’ve thought of here that I need to focus on their wealth.

Have you thought about setting an intention for your life? Not necessarily your WHY or your BIG GOAl, but what can encompass what you intend to do with your life or get out of it?

I encourage you to try it out.

Nadalie Bardo has a section on setting intentions in her Slay Your Goals Planner (she’s also the course creator!) which you can find here.

(Fortunately, my blood sugars leveled out today and I feel much better!)

 Friday, Day 188 – Winding Down from a Long Week

Today was my last workday on the East Coast for this week, but when I got back to the hotel I spent almost four straight hours working on setting up the new welcome sequence for new subscribers, creating a new landing page, and updating all my public Medium stories with a call to action at the end!

It probably wasn’t good for my body, but I don’t think I got up from the computer once during that stretch…yikes.

But I got so much done and am really proud of it.

This is what’s called the flow state.

Cal Newport writes about it in his book, Deep Work. When we get so into something that time just seems to fly by and we don’t even realize it!

That definitely happened to me tonight.

I got so into working on that welcome sequence and the landing page that I barely noticed the time passing.

Saturday, Day 189 – Meetup For the First Time in 9 Years???!!!?

Today is a very special day.

I’m getting to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in person for almost NINE years.

Isn’t that crazy??

We met for six days at the 2009 National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. and remained connected on Facebook for the last nine years.

And now I get to see her again! I extended my east coast trip this week JUST for the chance to meet up. 

We met up at Wahlburgers, which I didn’t realize was founded by Mark Wahlberg and his siblings until after we’d sat down and I happened to glance at the wall, which had him on it.

Afterward, we walked into the tourist district to go past Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

I didn’t realize that they moved the Liberty Bell indoors, and there was a huge line to go see it, so we passed on the opportunity.

Mostly because I had a time limit for my flight tomorrow.

It was fortunate that we made it back to our cars when we did (plus one for parking in the same lot!) because as soon as I slid into the driver’s seat the skies opened up with a thunderstorm downpour!

That was a fun drive back to the hotel.

I’m looking forward to not waiting another nine years to see this awesome lady!

What’s Next?

  • Spend 2 hours on the Goal Slaying Course
  • Start writing my review of the Slay Your Goals Planner
  • Complete Module 6 of the VA course
  • Continue working with my author friend for her book launch!
  • Complete Module 2 of the Get to the Point Workshop
  • Finish Module 4 of Intentional Blog (and the action steps, where applicable)

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