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Welcome to The Journey to Magnificence! This is week twenty-six: August 5 – 11, 2018.

This week turned into a lesson on going with the flow and jumping in with two feet! I kept consistent with my 1000+ words a day despite appointments, new things popping up, and a movie night. It’s all about scheduling time when I know I’ll do things!

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What I Said I’d Do

  • Write 1000 words a day
  • Complete VA Action Step 2.6
  • Finish reading Slay Your Goals Planner
  • Complete Module 3 Get Legit Toolkit
  • Finish Module 2 Writers Block Course
  • Complete Module 3 VA
  • Watch Intro Module Get To the Point Workshop
  • Complete IB Action step: create autoresponder sequence of 6 emails based on Jeff’s templates.

What I Actually Worked On

  • Finished Module 3 of the Get Legit Toolkit
  • Completed VA Action Step 2.6
  • Finished VA Module 3
  • Finished Module 2 Writers Block Course
  • Completed Intro Module Get To the Point Workshop
  • Wrote 1000+ words a day!

Sunday, Day 176 – Pretty Much Done by 4:30 PM???

Wow, today really felt productive!

  • Over 1500 words before noon,
  • I finished all of Module 3 of the Get Legit Toolkit (instead of spacing it out),
  • got through the action steps for Modules 2.6 and 3.1 of the VA course,
  • finished Module 2 of Joseph Michael’s Writer’s Block course,
  • and started both the Get to the Point Workshop
  • AND a course on Slaying Goals!


So much done! And pretty much all before 4:30 PM, including other to-do’s on my Evernote task list, like weekly things that always get done.

And since I finished way ahead of when I thought I would, the husband and I watched an episode of Charmed on Netflix 🙂

Monday, Day 177 – Mild Case of the Mondays

This morning I was only able to get 752 out of my 1000 words written, so I’m writing the rest right now!

The day felt like it dragged on, though.

I hate when that happens.

Like most people, I vastly prefer when it feels like the day flies by (but also like I got a lot done). I did manage to get a few things done that had been waiting a while at work, but on the flip side, I’ve got a lot of work coming up soon.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’m really liking inbox zero.

I’ve had this freedom for what can’t be more than a couple weeks, but it’s so freeing to go to my inbox and not see over 800 unread emails staring back at me.

While my blog progress today is nowhere near yesterday’s (because of work, duh) I’m still feeling relatively good about what I’ve been able to tackle.

It’s definitely a process – learning how to give myself grace instead of feeling defeated by my to-do list.

Tuesday, Day 178 – Massive Forward Motion!

There’s a funny thing about the internet. It lets you learn new things, connect with people you know (and people you don’t), build businesses, and take leaps of faith.

Somewhere in Module 3 of Gina Horkey’s 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, there’s an action step to reach out to five people we know to talk to them about what we’re doing.

Not asking for business, just advice!

Because people love to give advice (especially when others ask for it).

So I did.

I sent five of my friends Facebook messages (despite Gina advising against doing it ALL on social media, the friends I asked are ones I can’t easily meet up with in person) and one of them happened to be an author friend in the middle of marketing her third book before it’s launched.

She had great advice, but she also needed help!

So I unintentionally have my first client way before I ever expected to have one!

This is real, guys.

Following the steps in online courses WORKS.

You can’t, of course, control what others will do. That’s the point.

You can only control YOUR actions. YOUR forward momentum. YOUR decisions.

This makes me wonder how much further I could be on this journey had I started earlier, or had more confidence in myself right from the start.

But what-ifs won’t get me anywhere.

Action will!

Wednesday, Day 179 – Knuckling Down & Jumping in the Deep End!

I spent today in something of a haze of giddy excitement because my author friend pretty much point-blank decided to cold-refer me to HER author friends for possible work.


Most of this evening turned into contract researching and tweaking, as well as straight-up powering through the rest of module 3 for the VA course. And, because of my “Write 1000 words a day” challenge, I have a LOT of pre-written Medium posts to edit and schedule!

I know I’m in for some more hard work, now that I’ve been pushed into the deep end.

Straight up I want to thank her for doing that!

The domain is already purchased for my second website and I’m thinking to bring Inspired Forward under it as kind of a “child” site. I’m not totally sure yet.

Thursday, Day 180 – Replay Catchup

Not much happened today besides watching several video/webinar replays and editing and scheduling some more stories for Medium.

Friday, Day 181 – Movie Night!

The husband and I have plans to watch Dead Poets Society tonight, which I’ve never seen before!

I love Robin Williams.

I found it to be complexly funny and also extremely sad; I didn’t know going into it how sad a movie it would end up being. 🙁

It also made me a little angry.

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about here – parents should be supporting their children, not dictating their lives. My husband and I are both thankful that neither set of parents tried to control our futures, but instead encouraged us to pursue the things which drew our interest.

Saturday, Day 182 – A Welcome Respite from 90+ Degree Days

Western Washington has been put through the ringer of heat for the past several weeks.

Today, thankfully, we’re getting some rain and thunderstorms to take the edge off. As the husband and I live in an apartment without air conditioning, you can probably imagine that we’re pretty happy about this!

As I prepare for some upcoming travel, I’m planning this weekend to be packed with work on the blog, learning more about being a VA, and getting some goal setting done.

I’ll also catch some Eevees during Pokemon Go’s Eevee Community Days, which is a two-day event (yay!)

*4 hours later*

Caught 2 shiny Eevees, though neither is very good or very high. Better luck tomorrow!

What’s Next?

  • Start working with my first VA client!
  • Write email 2 of 6 of the Intentional Blog autoresponder sequence
  • Work through at least 2 modules of the Goal Slayer course
  • Watch Module 1 of the Get to the Point Workshop
  • Watch Module 3 of the Writers Block Relief course
  • Finish the Get Legit Toolkit
  • Complete 2 more VA course modules 

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