January 10, 2019

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It’s possible you’ve heard (from me or another source) about this book called The Miracle Morning.

This book does exactly what it sounds like: it gives you the framework to make your mornings the secret ingredient that makes your day, your year, and your life the best you could possibly imagine. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not a morning person (or wake up at noon—it just means you do your “miracle morning” right after waking up, whenever that might be).

The concept of a "Miracle Morning" has been around for several years. Learn about the six Life S.A.V.E.R.S. that can supercharge your mornings!

While the book should definitely be your go-to resource for all things MM, I want to give you a glimpse at what it looks like for me.

Everyone’s Miracle Morning will look different, take different amounts of time, and bring different results.

But they all have one thing in common—they make our days awesome.

First, you need to know an acronym.

The Life S.A.V.E.R.S.

These six practices are among those included in the morning routines of several successful people like Oprah.

It’s all well and good to know these six things exist to begin with, so let’s define them and I’ll share what I do and what I’ll consider doing in the future.

S is for Silence

The first S of S.A.V.E.R.S. stands for “Silence.” This can be meditation, either guided or unguided, prayer, just following the breath for a few minutes, or simply sitting in silence and allowing your thoughts to drift in and out without placing any significant meaning on them.

Silence is a very, very effective tool for bringing a greater level of calm into your life. It can provide clarity, reduce stress, and lower your resting heart rate.

My Silence practice, at the moment, is in the Headspace meditation app.

My streak in Headspace is up to over 530 days, at some times only sustained by a simple one-minute breathing meditation. Usually, I spend ten minutes in a “pack,” which is their term for a themed set of between 10 and 30 meditations. It’s not free, but it’s been an effective tool for my life and bringing down my stress levels.

Another big one for people is prayer. Silence is a prime time to spend time with God.

A is for Affirmations

Affirmations, or words of affirmation, are things you say to yourself to boost your positive thoughts and guide you towards the life you are pursuing.

It’s been studied and shown that daily repetition (out loud) of positive affirmations can lead to success and self-improvement.

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich lists a specific set of affirmations as one of his secrets to riches.

This list isn’t intended to be the same thing forever. It will evolve over your life as you add things and take others away as you achieve them. They can be goals, future desired states of being or wealth, and can cover basically anything you can think of.

Among my affirmations are a couple quotes or “sound bites,” but here are my favorites:

I am in control of everything in my world, and the source of every result, good or bad.

This is the Focus and Time Mastery Mantra that I learned from Demir and Carey Bentley of Lifehack Bootcamp. I love it because it embodies the idea of Extreme Ownership (brilliant book co-written by Jocko Willink, whose podcast is amazing).

If I want my life to be different, I have to be willing to do something different first.

This is a big one. Often we want things to change, but we’re not willing to change how we do things and then are frustrated when what we desire remains elusive.

I choose to create a wealthy life in all areas.

I list all the areas of my life here and give specific examples of what I want to achieve in each one. For example, in the area of financial wealth, I am working towards financial independence. In health and fitness, I’m cultivating an active lifestyle with rock climbing, hiking, biking, jujitsu, running, and other activities. In recreation, we want to travel for free and are working on using points and miles to do so.

Everything in my life is exactly as it should be, and the same will be true when things change.

This one might seem a little counterintuitive, but it works for me.

Everything that has happened to me thus far has gotten me to where I am today, and if it wasn’t meant to be, it wouldn’t have happened. The same logic applies to my actions now, taking me to a future state where, when I get there, will also be exactly where I should be, even if I might not like it in the moment.

Affirmations don’t have to be hard to create. If you’re having trouble coming up with any, just write down quotes that have an impact on you. List your goals or the positive steps you will take to achieve those goals. What is your desired end state? Start there, and add and remove as you need it.

V is for Visualization

Very close to affirmations, but future-focused instead of in-the-moment positive thinking. Visualizations are all about getting a clear picture in your mind about what you want your life to look like in the future.

It’s key to get very specific with your visualizations. It doesn’t work to be vague, but you do need to be careful about getting too specific, like visualizing a certain number on the scale if you’ve got no idea what a healthy weight looks like for you.

I’m in that boat, so my health and fitness visualization is finally being at a healthy weight, looking good in a swimsuit and comfortable being one of those girls who works out in a sports bra.

I visualize myself rock climbing difficult routes, practicing jujitsu, biking to and from work, and running races with my father-in-law.

I visualize the success I want from my books in the future. In my head, I see my book series as a big success, filled with the excitement from my friends and family all wanting to know what’s next.

Visualizations can be—and are—powerful tools to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

But it has to be specific and crystal clear.

The concept of a "Miracle Morning" has been around for several years. Learn about the six Life S.A.V.E.R.S. that can supercharge your mornings!

E is for Exercise

Yup, exercise is included. Moving the body, getting the blood flowing, increasing the oxygen in your system all help you wake up and get the creative juices flowing.

Some people go on a run, but what you do is 100% up to you—as long as you move.

My morning “exercise” during the winter months is a little pathetic, but it’s way better than doing nothing. My very short routine (like 3 minutes) consists of a plank, wimpy push-ups, some bicycle crunches, lunges, and squats.

But doing this wimpy routine has made a huge difference! After the first very sore days it became easier, and I noticed that I wasn’t sore after the first ski trip of the season. My plank time is getting longer, and my arms aren’t as weak during push-ups, but those will probably get a lot stronger from rock climbing rather than wimpy half-sized push-ups.

Don’t worry about going on a 5-mile run every morning. If all you can manage is 3 minutes of some mild activity, that’s what counts.

R is for Reading

One of my 2019 goals is to read the Bible in a year, and I’m using this time in the morning to work through a chronological reading plan.

I’m also endeavoring to read 52 books in 52 weeks, which can also be incorporated into this time.

You can read a book, blog posts, devotions, the Bible, or whatever you want to read. It doesn’t have to be for an hour, or even for thirty minutes. If all you can commit to is 3 pages a day, then read 3 pages.

S is for Scribing

Scribing is a synonym of “writing,” and Hal Elrod (the author of The Miracle Morning) needed something that didn’t start with W.

Writing is amazing. It’s a form of therapy for some people, it can get your thoughts organized, and I even wrote a post on ten reasons why everyone should write every day, even if you suck.

You can use this time to write a book, a blog post, a journal entry, your goals, reflections, or anything you can think of.

I use this time, currently, to hand-copy the Bible. My interpretation of “scribing” is pen-to-paper, and much of my other writing is all done on the computer, though since I transition right into a writing block after finishing my S.A.V.E.R.S., I suppose it would count as an extension of Scribing.

The point of the last S of S.A.V.E.R.S. is to get your thoughts out of your brain and onto paper or the computer.

Keep in mind that this entire Miracle Morning is flexible. If, on one day, you only have ten minutes from start to finish, shrink the amount of time spent on each section.

Do a few jumping jacks, sit in silence for a minute, read one page, quickly tell yourself an affirmation, fix your mind on one future goal you want to realize, and write one sentence on what you’re thinking.

If you have two hours, feel free to fill both hours with as many S.A.V.E.R.S. as you want!

Your Turn

Without committing to changing your entire morning routine at this very moment, I want you to participate in a thought exercise.

If you were going to craft your own Miracle Morning with the acronym S.A.V.E.R.S., what would you do?

How would you spend your silence? What affirmations do you tell yourself? What do you visualize? If you could do any exercise during this period, what would it be? What would you read? What would you write, or scribe?

I’m curious to know! Please share in the comments 🙂

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  1. I love the Miracle Morning book!! I was introduced to it last year and did very well with it in the beginning. But then life happened and I stopped waking up early to accomplish it. I really need to get back into that routine, it made a HUGE difference in my day!

  2. I like the idea of waking up, and intentionally deciding what type of day it will be. I usually wake up, read, and do yoga, and then do some writing. The one thing that I am missing is affirmations. I like the one that you wrote, ” If I want my life to be different, I have to be willing to do something different first.” I think that I may start with that one.

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