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Type 1 Diabetes is challenging, frustrating, and life-changing. Each Tuesday, join Colleen Mitchell and Jessie Tuggey, life-long diabetics, as they talk about real life with Type 1, discussing the impact it makes on their lives without defining them.

If you have type 1, know someone with type 1, or just want to learn more about this incurable condition, this podcast is for you. 

I'm Colleen Mitchell, a life coach, author, and engineer. I've had type 1 diabetes for over 27 years and am a major advocate for educating others about this disease. I'm not shy about talking about how it's affected my life and what I hope for in the future.

My co-host, Jessie Tuggey, is Tim's and my pseudo-daughter from Panther Camp. I've known her since she first came to Panther Camp at age 9, after diagnosis at age 8. She's pursuing engineering at Montana State University and loves being outdoors. Jessie's also excited to make diabetes education more accessible, especially for her friends that don't know it very well.

What do you need to thrive with T1D? We believe there are five things you need to live an amazing life with T1D, and if you’re missing any one of them you’ll have a much harder time with the ‘betes journey. Listen in to hear more about these 5 things:MedicationCommunitySupportive, dedicated care teamEmotional supportAccess to … Read More

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Episode 173: Five Things You Need to Thrive with T1D

Wondering how to talk to your doctor about health problems that are not related to T1D? Especially if that doctor thinks that T1D is the problem? Listen in for some communication strategies and ways to stand up for yourself in situations where it feels like the docs aren’t listening to you.

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Episode 172: Communicating With Your Doctor

How do you prevent burnout with type 1 diabetes? It will depend from T1D to T1D, but it boils down to self awareness of your triggers, having a solid list of self-care practices, and being willing to get help if you need it. Listen in for things that Colleen & Jessie do to prevent burnout.

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Episode 171: How to Prevent Burnout

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