April 16, 2020

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I’m in Brooke Castillo’s monthly coaching program called Self Coaching Scholars. She’s the Master Coach Instructor and founder of The Life Coach School. When I found her podcast, I binged it for a year and a half before deciding to join the program.

What is Self Coaching Scholars?

Brooke knows her coaching. She knows so much and has taught so many valuable classes and created intense coaching courses that are all inside the world of Self Coaching Scholars. She started off as a weight coach. Then she branched out as an overdrinking coach. For the longest time, the only way to work with her was to pay $12,000 for one of her group coaching programs.

And then the demand exceeded her time.

Overwhelming demand for coaching created Self Coaching Scholars. It’s been half of her business model since 2017 and has impacted and improved the lives of so many people.

The ultimate benefit is learning self coaching. It’s learning how to manage your mind, take control of your emotional life, and create the life of your dreams. Many people who start off with Self Coaching Scholars also sign up for Coaching Certification but you don’t have to want to be a coach to join.

The monthly investment is $297. For some people, it’s like a car payment. But I also find it such a low barrier to entry for the value she provides in the program. If I had to trim my budget for any reason, I would not give up Self Coaching Scholars.


What’s Included in Self Coaching Scholars?

So, so much. It’s insane value for the price, and Brooke knows it. It’s like selling a Mercedes for $10. It would be ridiculous to say no, and sometimes I wonder why I didn’t jump in sooner.

A Single Topic

There’s monthly work all centered on a single topic. For example, January 2020’s topic was “Your Thoughts About You”. It explored the beliefs we have about ourselves. It exposed long-held thoughts that aren’t true even though they feel true. We uncovered what our “old story” said about us. The last week of each month, Brooke walks you through creating an intentional plan for the topic. So for January, the daily work all built up to crafting the new story we want to tell about ourselves.

20-Minute Coaching Sessions

Self Coaching Scholars also includes a 20-minute coaching session with one of the school’s certified life coaches.

This is one of my favorite benefits. Professional life coaches who can show me what I’m thinking and point out where I’m blind to my own beliefs has been so incredibly valuable since I joined Scholars. Sometimes I get repeat coaches. A lot of coaches work for Brooke, so you don’t always end up with the same coach week after week. Every single one of them has helped me in some way.

Ask a Coach

There’s a section called Ask a Coach where you can ask the questions you have about coaching, and there’s a separate Business Ask a Coach focused on business questions. It’s all super valuable. Just reading the questions from other Scholars lets me apply the lessons to my life.

Study Vault

You also get access to what they call the “Study Vault”. It’s a rabbit hole of all of Brooke’s work, all of the archived lessons from Scholars 1.0—the material from 2017, 2018, and 2019—all of her webinars, booklets, and trainings.

Live Weekday Coaching

They also host live topic calls or live coaching every weekday. They post the recordings to the portal for students to watch back later.


Why I Joined Self Coaching Scholars

They say you have to hear an offer between 11 and 17 times before you’ll decide to buy something. I listened to Brooke’s podcast, her free material which provides amazing value, for over a year before signing up. I must’ve heard her post-episode pitch over a hundred times, and it still took me a while to sign up.

But I finally did because I’m a “learn-by-doing” kind of person. I didn’t have the accountability or motivation to take action from just listening to the podcast. It certainly helped me handle a lot of things, but I knew I was scraping the bottom of my action barrel and that Self Coaching Scholars was the right answer for me.

I had, and still have, a lot of things I’m working on to improve about myself.

Time Management

The first thing I focused on when going into Scholars was honoring my commitments with myself. This is something that I’ve historically had difficulty with. If nobody else knows I’m not doing it, why does it matter?

But it mattered to me, deep down, because I felt guilt and shame for breaking my promises to myself.

Scholars provided the programs and framework that have made it immensely easier to not only run my life from my Google Calendar, but also trust in myself to follow through even when I don’t feel like it. (The programs I’m talking about are Monday Hour One and the Urge Jar concept.)

Entrepreneurship & Business Skills

Right now I’m focused on building my entrepreneurial and business skills. From June 2018 until mid-March 2020, I offered virtual assistant services on my website. I enjoyed doing it, loved interacting with my clients, and also knew that it wasn’t my long-term plan. It was an amazing stepping stone that taught me valuable lessons.


I’m good at looking at someone’s life and breaking down their goals into what they actually need to do to achieve them. For some reason it’s easier to do this with someone else than with myself, but the truth is that I did this for my clients as a virtual assistant and that was often more rewarding than completing the tasks they gave me.

In March 2020, I pivoted my offering to accountability coaching. A lot of people feel burned out on their personal goals. They can never seem to motivate themselves to get sh*t done even when they want to do it. Desire is not enough. For Obligers, the missing piece is accountability. I like nagging people, and some people will pay for that nagging if the end result is a dream they never thought they’d accomplish because they kept getting in their own way.

Self Coaching Scholars has several resources for building entrepreneurial and business skills. I’m in the thick of those lessons right now.

Stop Overeating (Weight Loss)

I’ve been overweight since the fourth grade. In 2016, I started eating a low-carb diet to improve my blood sugars, and as a happy byproduct, lost about 50 pounds. I’ve been stable at 170 pounds for probably two years at the time of this writing.

It took me a long time to realize that I overeat. I didn’t think I did, but the longer I’ve been immersed in Brooke’s teaching, the more I realized that only half of my problem is on the type 1 diabetes side of my life. The other half is on overeating when I’m bored, putting more on my plate than I can eat, and not stopping eating when I’m full.

It’s like there’s an underlying fear of scarcity that I won’t get enough to eat, even when all the evidence points the other direction.

Going through the Stop Overeating work is next on my list, though it’s happening kind of in the background right now. My focus is on my “Impossible Goal” to match my corporate salary with income from my side business of accountability coaching.

Final Thoughts on Self Coaching Scholars

Scholars is YOU focused, not group focused. There’s no Facebook group or any way to interact with any of the other Scholars other than seeing them get coached or hearing/reading the answers to their coaching questions. It cuts down on distraction, and also means that if you want to connect with another Scholar, you have to do it outside of the program.

Self Coaching Scholars has practically all the tools I need to change my life, and I’m so grateful to Brooke for making this coaching program available to the world.

I talk about the program all the time on my podcast, This is Type 1, because it’s also helping with how I manage my diabetes. I tell all my online business friends and Facebook groups about Scholars because it’s so worth it. I’ve used the things I’ve learned from Brooke and the coaches who coach me to manage my mind and work through difficult thoughts and difficult times.

Bottom line, I’m excited to pay Brooke $297 every month for access to this amazing resource on mental health and mind management. If you can afford it, go for it. You’ll be amazed at what even just one month can show you about yourself and your thoughts.

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