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The commute sucks anyway, so why not listen to personal growth podcasts to pass the time? Feed your mind and level up your mindset with these 5 shows.

7 Personal Growth Podcasts to Feed Your Mind

Does your commute suck? Do you hate running or exercising in any fashion, but could bear it if you had something interesting to listen to? Would you enjoy housework and chores more if you listened to something while you worked? Enter podcasts. Of all the different styles out there, my favorites are personal growth podcasts. …

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Are you safety conscious? Do you see things that are unsafe, and point them out? Noticing hazards can be the difference between life and death. Stay safe.

Are You Safety Conscious?

If this sounds like a weird question, don’t worry: it is. Something I’ve learned over the last year and a half on my company’s safety committee is that for most people, safety is an afterthought. But safety should be the first thing we think about for every situation we go into, whether it feels natural …

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What role does fear play in your life? Ruth Soukup's newest book, Do It Scared, digs deep into how people experience fear and how to deal with it.

Do It Scared Book Review: What Role Does Your Fear Play?

Do It Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity, and Create a Life You Love is Ruth Soukup’s sixth book. Ruth is the founder of Elite Blog Academy, Living Well Spending Less, and the Living Well Planner. Do It Scared is a book about fear—how fear affects different people in different ways, …

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