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Fitness trackers don't do anything for you by themselves. Without this one thing, they're actually pretty useless. Find out what you need to make it work.

Why Fitness Trackers are Mostly Useless

Take a look around you, wherever you are. How many people are wearing fitness trackers on their wrists? Maybe you have one, too. Apple Watches, Fitbits, Jawbones, Garmins… All of these “wearables” are advertised as making us more fit and active. But here’s the reality: they’re all useless without this one thing.

What builds a habit? Consistent, intentional, daily action. For June's 30-day challenge, I'm doing something active every day: Daily Fit.

Daily Fit: June’s 30-Day Challenge

Wow. C25K ended on May 24th, but I think somehow it turned me into a runner. It feels like a natural step to make June’s 30-day challenge something I’m calling “Daily Fit”. The idea? Do something active every day. Run, walk, rock climb, hike, bike, 7-minute workout—whatever—just don’t let myself take a day without doing …

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I started C25K in April 2019, having historically hated running. But after a month, I feel more like a runner now -- looking for new paths and experiences.

I’m Probably a Runner Now… I Guess?

Last month (April 2019) I started a Couch-to-5K program (C25K), intending to prove to myself that despite my historic hate for running, I can actually do it and not die. I’m pleased to report that, five-and-two-thirds weeks through, I have not died. In general, I’ve exceeded even my own expectations about running. By far the …

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