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If you are a college junior or senior applying for internships, you must sell your potential employer on why you're the best. To be a successful intern, cultivate the top in-demand soft skills at the organization you are applying to.

Let's look at the top ten soft skills to be a successful intern.

Soft skills are important not just for employees, but also for interns. Here are the top 10 skills that successful interns should cultivate.

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Employers want someone who is comfortable working on their own and does not need to hold their hand. Motivation can come naturally for things that you like and are passionate about. However; it's fleeting. It's not reliable. Being self-motivated means you're skilled at creating motivation for yourself on demand. 

It's okay not to enjoy some things you do, but being motivated to finish a project can make the entire experience a lot more enjoyable. Ed Latimore offers some excellent advice on motivation to exceed objectives and goals. 


While you may need to work on your own, you also need to be a team player. You will often work in a group or with other employees and departments, and your boss wants to know that you can do this effectively.

It’s about knowing how to collaborate effectively with others while still being confident and motivated enough to work on your own.

Works Well Under Pressure 

Nowadays, there are very few working environments that are devoid of any pressure. You need to show that you can handle the weight placed on your shoulders. Handling pressure is difficult for many people. It takes practice.

There are things you can do, though. Keeping a journal is a good idea. You can write down your thoughts and anything you’re struggling with to help you take the weight off your shoulders so that you can keep on powering through.

Effective Communicator

You must communicate with your co-workers efficiently and effectively. Often, in the workplace, problems arise because of a lack of communication.

When people are on different pages, things can become disjointed, and it is impossible to get results when working in this manner. 


You need to adapt to changes and any challenges thrown your way. If you show an unwillingness to do a particular task, even if it is making coffee, it will not impress your employer.


If you show initiative, ambition, and a high level of interest in the role, they could offer you a full-time job by the end.

If you come across as someone who does not really care about the role and is simply there because it pays or it checks a box, they won't.


Multi-tasking is a straight-up myth. It doesn't work. We actually lose time and brain energy by switching between tasks, since we're not giving our full attention to one thing through completion. 

It's vital today to follow something through until it's finished, even if it's something small. Knowing how to handle distractions and thrive in a dynamic work environment will help you be a successful intern.

Don't be afraid of having a lot of projects. You can get them all done if you focus on one thing at a time.

Intellectual Curiosity

Someone who is intellectually curious is open to workplace challenges. They always want to learn more about their role. You should not be afraid to ask questions.

Of course, you need to respect people’s time within the workplace. However, if you have a query and it is appropriate to ask it, go ahead. 


You need to show that you have a positive attitude and that you are willing, if not enthusiastic, to take on any task passed your way. If you handle tasks with a smile and enthusiasm, you will not only make it easier for yourself, but everyone around you. This is the sort of person who people want to have on their team.


Finally, it does not matter where you are looking for an internship. All employers want self-confident employees. Being sure of your abilities and trusting yourself to do the things you commit to is worth more than gold. 

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