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The brain, like your kidneys and heart, is an organ. When your kidneys fail or you have heart issues, you’ll see the doctor and get help. But when your brain fails, do you get it checked over? So many people struggling with mental health issues rarely consider seeing a doctor. They believe the doc won't take them seriously, will ignore them, or talk down to them.

It makes sense, given that historically, this is exactly what happens for most people.

When your persistent thoughts don't go away, or when you are dealing with symptoms of depression, the chances are that healing the brain can be far easier with help.

It may not be your usual port of call: to ask for help when you are in need—but it’s something that you should look into doing. There are plenty of reasons that you should seek help for your mental health, even in those months you aren't dealing with any scary symptoms.

Prevention is better than needing a therapist later on. 

Life Difficulties

If you are finding it tough to deal with day-to-day life, you need to seek the help of an expert. Life gets hard sometimes, with the loss of people around you, stress at work and the issues with health sometimes feeling too overwhelming. Life is full of surprises, and if you are dealing with any of the above, you need to have someone to support you.

Anxious Feelings Won't Go Away

When you are feeling sad and anxious, it’s often normal. You need the entire spectrum of human emotions to live a complete life, and these are normal emotions to feel!

However, when these feelings won’t go away, that’s a problem and you need to look at where you can get the best help to alleviate those feelings.

If you're functioning and don't want to rehash the past, then coaching might be the path for you. It's future-focused and incorporates many cognitive behavioral tools that therapists use to help clients change their thoughts. 

Low Energy

Low energy can be so difficult to cope with, and when you are suffering with mental health issues, low energy is a clear sign you need some help. 

Overdrinking or Smoking

When you’re drinking or smoking more than you should be, and you notice you're relying on these crutches more than anything else, consider getting help for your brain. Your brain is an organ, remember? It needs to be taken care of.

Changes in Behavior

When your friends and family notice changes in your behavior, and they know they can’t help you, you need a professional to work with your mental health and keep you feeling like you can be above water.

Mental health is not a joke. It’s not something you should push to one side and stop feeling worried about. You need to do what you can to ensure that you support your mental heath, because when it isn’t, issues occur. Take your time and make sure that you have as much support as possible while you are trying to heal your brain. You need the help—so take it.

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