Stop reaching for the snacks and the wine.

I teach type 1 diabetics, creatives, and self-defined "hot messes" to stop using things to cope with stress. 

How we do one thing is how we do everything. 

Learning how to get unstuck in one area lets you apply that lesson to the rest of your life and create the change you've been dying to have for years.

Have You Ever...

  • Dreamed that you could be comfortable in your body, at your ideal weight, and never worry about "dieting" again?
  • Wanted to learn how to do the things that scare you because you don't know HOW to do them or think you might fail?
  • Longed to have amazing relationships with everyone around you, including your family, partner, friends, coworkers, and even strangers?
  • Wished you could learn how to love yourself without shame, self-judgment, or feeling unworthy?
  • Wondered how you could possibly get all the things on your to-do list done, let alone make progress on those pipe dream goals or New Year's Resolutions you usually abandon in February?
  • Done something only because someone else is counting on you to do it, especially at your own expense?

If You Answered "Yes" to Any of Those...

I can help. 

I've been there. If I could go back in time and introduce myself to a life coach, my life today would be so much different because I wouldn't have had to figure it all out on my own.

I know what it's like to...

  • look at the scale and wonder how I got there. 
  • feel paralyzed by fear of public speaking, which was my #1 NOPE for 99% of my life.
  • have relationships filled with tension, anxiety, loneliness, and desperation.
  • think I'm not good enough to strive for the things I really want. 
  • sooth other peoples' feelings at the expense of my own happiness.
  • have all my to-dos scattered across a thousand lists, never getting anything done, and always feeling behind.
  • leave my projects on the back burner because someone else's priorities are "more important."

I know what it's like. 

I want to invite you to take the first step of transformation. Book a free 60-minute coaching consultation to find out what it would be like to work 1:1 with a coach dedicated to helping you totally transform your life and help you believe in yourself again.

Most people don’t get to just talk to someone about their feelings, fears, worries, and concerns without that person judging them or offering advice or trying to fix it. As a coach, it's my job to hold space for you (no judging) and show you your thoughts. 

How it Works

1. Book a free 60-minute consultation call. We meet via Zoom at a time convenient to both of us.

2. We identify how you feel about your life, where you want to be instead, and what it will take to get there.

3. At the end of the call, if you're excited and want to continue, then we talk about working together.

What You Get on the Free 60-Minute Call

  • Space to talk about the things that are bothering you—what's pissing you off, draining your energy, stalling your progress, perpetually in the back of your mind... Anything.
  • A clear picture of the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • An outline of how we'll get from Point A to Point B
  • A clear vision of the true impact of getting the results you really want

How to Sign Up

  1. Schedule a call by using the built-in calendar above or by clicking here.
  2. Check to make sure the scheduler is in your time zone.
  3. Pick a time that works for you.
  4. Provide your name and email.
  5. Schedule the event.
  6. Download the Zoom client before your call.

We'll talk about what's going on in your life, what kind of coaching you're looking for, and come up with some actionable tips that you can use right away.

But What If...

None of your times work for me?

Now is not a good time?

  • There is never a "perfect time" to start anything. We will never be "ready" and the longer we put off our dreams, the worse regret we feel. Imagine looking back a year from now and wishing you'd just done it a year ago.

I don't know what I want to talk about?

  • That's okay! You don't have to show up prepared to the free 60-minute discovery call. It's just a conversation between two humans with the goal to make a decision about your future—a decision you feel good about.


I only have good things to say about my experience working with Colleen. She is a wonderful coach that cares, supports you and, listens to what you are going through. Not only have I grown in my time with here but I have learned so many skills and resources that I know I'll carry with me for a lifetime.

Before working with her I had lots of anxiety, I had a hard time trying to get a hold of my emotions, I was jumpy and irascible, and I was becoming a person I didn't like. In only six weeks I was able to shift my perspective, get a better understanding of what I was going through, better my relationships with my family and myself, and I have even started seeing shifts in my subconscious.

I apply all that we talked about during our time together every day, and I keep expanding and deepening the understanding I have of myself and others. I'm usually the person people come for advice to and I have always had trouble finding someone that could help me, she is the first person that has achieved that. She is kind, easy to talk to and it is truly is a joy to just trust her and her process. Everything flows and is easy with her, just how I wand my life and myself to be easy and flowy and even fun at times!!

Anyhow, if you are reading this, you probably need help so please take this as a sign that Colleen is the right person to accompany you at this time. I couldn't recommend her enough, she came like magic right when I needed it, and just like magic she helped me heal and grow in a beautiful process of self-discovery and deep understanding.

Thank you Colleen, for all you do and all you are. I really appreciate you ?

erica headshot square

Erica Pascual

Author // Business and Life Coach

I met Colleen a few years ago. We met through Work-at-Home School in 2018. We became accountability partners by chance and I'm so glad we did. She blazed trails through many of her goals; she was always on point when she wanted to achieve something. Her blog. Her podcast. Her newsletters. I've been so impressed with what she has accomplished in such a short about of time. Through her content and our weekly Sunday check ins, she has impacted my life in a way that I felt understood and I wasn't the only one who felt these struggles and difficulties. She also helped me change the ways I was thinking that weren't working for me, but I just didn't know what to do. There were quite a few "mind-blown" moments throughout the short time I've known Colleen that have really helped my productivity and getting the sh*t done that need to get done and doing it with less stress and anxiety. Whenever I see that email from Colleen, I already know it's going to be packed with valuable content, so I prepare myself when I click on it!

Jeannie Sweeney

Writer & Pre-School Teacher

When I first met Colleen Mitchell, I was a newbie writer. I desperately wanted to put my thoughts to paper, but struggled with the feeling that my writing wasn’t good enough to share. I worried that I wasn’t a good writer and that nobody would read what I put down. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Colleen for over fifteen years now. She’s taken the time to rationalize out numerous plots and characters with me when my stories needed a dose of realism. Also, Colleen has assisted me in developing a consistent and effective writing schedule that helps me produce new content. I enjoy writing more now that I’m not stressing over when I’ll get the time to write. Colleen has remained consistently honest with me regarding my writing quality and content, she has been a great friend to me. I look forward to working with her more in the future!

Krista H.

Teacher & Course Developer

Before I met Colleen, I had been taking my project in the wrong direction. She asked the right questions and got me to look at things from a new perspective. Since then, I have been on the right path and see things so much clearer. I am forever grateful for her insight and feel lucky that I found her.


Jean Barr

Sales Trainer & Coach // Top Achievers Sales Training, Ltd.

I wanted to thank you for your coaching over the last 6 weeks. I am now using my diary every day to ensure I have the time to commit to everything I need to attend to in my day. Thank you for coaching me through the mindset of not wanting to do my training online, to being excited at the prospect of going online. Thank you for helping me to refocus on my business and be open to embrace new opportunities. Thank you for your support in helping me to change my mindset and move towards being more successful.

Chantal Weedon

Coach // Online Course Creator

I worked with Colleen over a 3-week period and what a difference that made! Colleen ensures you have accountability, which means that you actually get things done! I was the world's best procrastinator! So many ideas and wanting to implement them all at the same time. Sound familiar? Colleen showed me the importance of focusing on one project at a time, getting that completed and then moving to the next. In those 3 short weeks I went from business idea to creating a free course to attract clients to my 6 week course. The 6 week course content is almost done, and I’m ready to record and edit my videos. Even better, from that free course I have got my first client! 

Without working with Colleen, I would probably still be in that procrastination state of thinking I want to create journals, I’m training as a life and relationship coach, I have a course that I want to create and I also want to do retreats. All of these things will happen, but Colleen showed me that I need to focus on one thing at a time, otherwise I’d still be flitting between one project to another and not actually completing one.

If I can create such change in 3 weeks, imagine what you could do with Colleen over a 6-month period. If you’re wanting to progress in your business, Colleen will help focus your mind on what’s important so you can actually progress to creating an income.

I came to Colleen as I was feeling stuck in my business - I was offering quite a few different offerings and she was able to help me gain clarity and get unstuck. She is a great listener and was able to help me uncover a limiting belief in just 2 sessions. Thank you Colleen ❤

Fiorella Lertora Work With Me Testimonial

I had a coaching session with Colleen when I first started taking business seriously. I was working all day long and didn't know how to organize my days. After our call, I realized my own rhythms and started organizing my schedule according what was best for me. Thank you very much, Colleen! ?

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