Are You Your Last Priority?

If you said yes...

You Need Accountability Coaching

If you're the kind of person who thrives when someone tells you what to do, helps you understand how to reach your goals, and won't bullshit you if you're getting in your own way, sign up for a 60-minute consultation!

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I met Colleen a few years ago. We met through Work-at-Home School in 2018. We became accountability partners by chance and I'm so glad we did. She trail blazed through many of her goals, she was always on point when she wanted to achieve something. Her blog. Her podcast. Her newsletters. I've been so impressed with what she has accomplished in such a short about of time. Through her content and our weekly Sunday check ins, she has impacted my life in a way that I felt understood and I wasn't the only one who felt these struggles and difficulties. She also helped me change the ways I was thinking that weren't working for me but I just didn't know what to do. There were quite a few "mind-blown" moments throughout the short time I've known Colleen that have really helped my productivity and getting the sh*t done that need to get done and doing it with less stress and anxiety. Whenever I see that email from Colleen, I already know it's going to be packed with valuable content so I prepare myself when I click on it!

Erica Pascual Author // Business and Life Coach


When I first met Colleen Mitchell, I was a newbie writer. I desperately wanted to put my thoughts to paper, but struggled with the feeling that my writing wasn’t good enough to share. I worried that I wasn’t a good writer and that nobody would read what I put down. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Colleen for over fifteen years now. She’s taken the time to rationalize out numerous plots and characters with me when my stories needed a dose of realism. Also, Colleen has assisted me in developing a consistent and effective writing schedule that helps me produce new content. I enjoy writing more now that I’m not stressing over when I’ll get the time to write. Colleen has remained consistently honest with me regarding my writing quality and content, she has been a great friend to me. I look forward to working with her more in the future!

Jeannie Sweeney Writer & Pre-School Teacher


Before I met Colleen, I had been taking my project in the wrong direction. She asked the right questions and got me to look at things from a new perspective. Since then, I have been on the right path and see things so much clearer.  I am forever grateful for her insight and feel lucky that I found her.

Krista H. Teacher & Course Developer


Studies have shown that having just one layer of accountability, especially a buddy, makes you insanely more likely to actually finish what you've started and crush those goals. 

Control Your Calendar

Time gets away from us all, but especially from those of us who worry more about what we need to do for others than what we want to do for ourselves. Know what you're doing tomorrow—the night before! I can help you figure out what kind of planning system works best for you, whether it be paper and pen or a digital task manager. Set goals like a pro and then crush them. 

Planning & Goal-Setting

I've been called the "poster child of organization", someone who makes 10-year plans and someone who delivers whenever I say I'm going to get something done. I can help you be that person, too. 

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