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I do a lot of things, but my most important thing is helping you.

My goal is to help you take control of the biggest problems in your life or business, no matter how big or small they might be. 

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • I love to write, create, or teach but I’m not that great at the grammar and punctuation part. 
  • Planning?? There’s no time for planning!
  • I can’t find anything under the pile of papers on my desk and—oh no, how did a sock end up here??
  • I just need someone to hold me accountable for all the goals I’m trying to accomplish.

Not to worry. I can help you with all of these things and more. 

Top Notch Content

Keep your content top-notch, error-free, and fun to read. I can format blog posts, proofread, edit, and suggest alternative ways of phrasing things. 

Managing Database & Collaboration Tools

Get all those scattered notes together into one database, or track all your project deliverables with one tool. As a Smartsheet Certified User, I can build you Smartsheet solutions for almost any scenario you can think of. As someone who uses Airtable on a daily basis, I can build your Airtable bases and manage them for you. 

Getting You Organized

Be able to find any document, record, blog post, picture, file, or physical item within a few seconds or a few minutes. I can help you build an organizational system, offer insight as to how to declutter your life and let go of the extra stuff you don’t need, and maintain it going forward.

Planning & Goal-Setting

Finally! Know what you’re doing tomorrow—the night before! I can help you figure out what kind of planning system works best for you, whether it be paper and pen or a digital task manager. Set goals like a pro and then crush them.


Studies have shown that having just one layer of accountability, especially a buddy, makes you insanely more likely to actually finish what you’ve started and crush those goals. If all you need is someone to call you every week to check in and make sure you’re on track, I’m your Chief Encourager.


Worried about cost? Not a problem. Right now I charge $25 per hour. Because I have a full-time job, weekly time commitments cap out at 5 hours per client, making my VA services both efficient and affordable.

Sound Cool?

Awesome! No matter what kind of project we’re tackling together, we should spend the first two weeks ensuring it’s a good fit for both of us. To get started, click the button below.


Halie Fewkes

Author of the Secrets of the Tally books and founder of Tally Ink Publishing

“Colleen has been a fantastic resource as a virtual assistant. She is extremely prompt and thorough in her research, has consistently delivered ahead of schedule, and wields incredible organizational skills to complete every task. She is my absolute go-to when I need virtual assistance, and I highly recommend her services to anybody else who needs a hand completing their numerous business activities.”

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