Self Improvement


What Box Are You Putting Yourself In?

You kill your own dreams when you don’t let yourself imagine beyond the tiny box you’re putting yourself in. Maybe you’ve adopted the beliefs of someone else who told you you’ll never achieve that impossible future. Maybe you’ve looked around and see evidence that people just don’t do that kind of thing in this town.


2020 Goals & 2019 Year in Review

I’m trying something new this year… Doing a “year in review” James Clear style to understand where I want to focus my goals for 2020. Each December, James (the author of Atomic Habits) asks himself three questions: What went well this year? What didn’t go so well this year? Finally, what did I learn?


101 in 1001 List

I first saw this “101 in 1001” list idea from the Inspiration Lady, but I’ve since discovered that it’s literally all over the internet, and it originated from the Day Zero Project. This is another kind of “goal setting” list, aiming to complete 101 things in 2.75 years. There are a few rules, too.